Grav3yardgirl’s Messy Bun Is Filled With Hair Secrets & She’s Spilling Them All — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of Bellami

Beauty guru Rachel "Bunny" Meyer, better known as Grav3yardgirl, is undoubtedly one of the quirkiest influencers on the internet. Her sassy and swampy Southern girl vibe resonates with subscribers, and for good reason. Bunny's charm is that she comes across as your makeup-loving BFF rather than an untouchable web celeb. Now, your BFF from the swamp is coming to change your hair game — and she's bringing her alligator blowdryer.

Grav3yardgirl has teamed up with premium coif brand Bellami Hair for a suite of thermal heat styling tools, including a blowdryer that boasts her signature alligator print and a curling iron which features three detachable wands with rainbow-plated barrels.

In an interview with Bustle, Meyer shared all of her hair secrets, including how to use her tools effectively. She cautions to be super careful with heat settings and preaches knowing the temperature that's right for your hair. The YouTube veteran also offers a solution for a common heat-styling mistake that has plagued all of us at some point in our hair history.

"If you are doing a curl and you goof, don't go over the same section while it's hot," she cautions. "Wait for it to cool and come back to it."

Although a line of heat styling tools is Bunny's latest adventure in beauty, the influencer says a "good old hair tie" is the one hair product she cannot live without — and for a good reason.

"My natural hair is actually super long — nearly to my waist — so hair ties are essential," she says. "Remember when you were a kid and all hair ties had that metal piece that would rip your hair out? Hair tie technology has come a long way since then. Thank goodness for that!"

Of course we remember the acute pain of those primitive hair ties. While today's ties are better engineered and don't do as much damage to tendrils nowadays, they still remain easy-to-lose. And that's a problem not even Bunny has a solid tip to avoid.

Meyer's overall mane mantra is gloriously simple, and makes a lot of sense if you watch the star's stellar videos.

"Don't take yourself too seriously when it comes to your hair," she tells me.

That's likely why the easy, messy bun is her "holy grail hairstyle." It's a look often featured on her channel that has now become quite synonymous with Grav3yardgirl.

Meyer, who previously collabed with Tarte, says she opted to partner with Bellami because the company respected her vision, allowing her to translate her ideas and aesthetics, like the alligator print, into a functioning tools.

"These are the professional grade tools that Bellami has built their reputation on, just with an amped up level of sass," she shares.

We'll take a sippy, sippy to that.

During the initial meeting with Bellami, Bunny says she brought up the rainbow alligator vision — and the hair tool pros were into it. After a "few perfectly swampy prototypes," the crew landed on the collection as it is today.

Swampy indeed! Take a look at the collection, which is out now, below.

Grav3yard Curl 3 in 1 Curler Set, $79.99,

The rainbow titanium barrels are pretty to look at and create killer curls.

Courtesy of Bellami Hair

Grav3yard Curl Titanium Flat Iron, $39.99,

If you prefer straight strands, you'll get 'em with this go-to tool.

Courtesy of Bellami Hair

Grav3yard Curl Blow Dryer, $49.99,

Who else covets the tourmaline blowdryer with an AC motor and the 'gator print?

Courtesy of Bellami Hair

Grav3yard Set, $149.99,

A kit featuring all of the tools, along with two clips and a heat-resistant glove, is a Swamp Fam "must-own."

As for future plans, Bunny says she doesn't want to spoil the excitement to come. But the YouTuber says she's focusing on content for her Swamp Family on mega popular channel. And she is "cooking up some perfectly fun and swampy ways to give back to them in 2018," since her loyal followers are the reason she can create gator blowdryers.

See, Swamp Fam? You do make a difference.