MAC Just Came Out With A New Shimmery Fix+ Spray & It's SUPER Affordable

Some products are just cult favorites about beauty lovers. Perhaps no one has quite as many as MAC Cosmetics, though. The brand has brought fans classic foundations and one very well known red lippie in Ruby Woo. Now, a classic is getting an update. Shimmering MAC Prep + Primes now exist, and based on the brand's announcements, these beauties are going to be your go-to setting sprays for spring and summer (if Fix+ wasn't already).

If you've ever watched a beauty tutorial on YouTube, you may be able to discern just how much people love MAC Fix+ (also known as Prep + Prime). Not only does the product provide a dewy finish to your makeup that sets it in place, but it's got a myriad of other uses. From priming your skin to helping increase the pigment in eyeshadows, it's quite the handy favorite. Don't worry, though. The OG Fix+ isn't going anywhere, it's just getting some new friends.

The new Fix+ shimmers are part of the Strobe collection according to the brand's website, and they're joined by the brand's Strobe Creams, two Extra Dimension Skin Finishes. Basically, the whole thing is a glow lovers dream, and it won't even break the bank.

Perhaps the other great news about Fix+'s shimmers (other than that they're, you know, shimmers) is their price. The new Fix+ will be the same price as the existing spray ringing in at $26. Given other high-end brands spray costing over $30, MAC Fix+ still remains one of the more affordable options when it comes to high-end setting sprays. Now, they've got a new formulation for you to try out.

The new shimmer sprays actually come in different colors: Pinklite and Goldlite. They're pretty self explanitory. One features a golden pearlescent effect while the other is obviously pink. It's up to you which one you want to try.

As for where you can shop them? They're available right now on the MAC Cosmetics website and at ULTA online. Whether you like shopping directly from the source or you want to snag some ULTA Rewards Points, you can get the shimmering Fix+ sprays now.

News of the shimmering Fix+ sprays actually hit the internet a few weeks ago thanks to beauty Instagram account TrendMood. Back in February, the account was given the scoop that shimmering sprays were coming from the brand, and since then, MAC fans have been patiently waiting, and now, nearly two months later, they're finally available to set your makeup and given you a MAC approved glow.

Some MAC fans were excited that they no longer needed to DIY their own shimmering versions of the classic product.

Others just seem to be in total shock at the new update, and who can blame them?

Before the Prep + Prime Fix+ Shimmers even debuted, fans were already planning on making their purchases. It's that serious.

In fact, it's an occasion that warrants cursing in all capital letters.

Some users just truly under their own aesthetic (like rotisserie chicken) and know that the new product can get them there.

Others see a link in timing to Fenty Beauty's Body Lava launch, but even so, they're tempted by the Fix+.

S. Alemdar/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you already love MAC's Prep + Prime Fix+, you may just love the new shimmers. In pink and gold, they're perfect for a wide variety of skin tones, and given that warmer weather is here (or right around the corner), you can embrace spring and summer with that perfect glow thanks to these new launches.

Simple head over to MAC Cosmetics or Ulta Beauty website, and you'll glowing like a goddess (or god).