How Much Is The New dELiA*s x Dolls Kill Collection? These Under $25 Pieces Are The Ultimate '90s Throwback

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

The '90s are back AF. That's courtesy of the dELiA*s collection with Dolls Kill (sizes XS to XL available), which features shoes, jeans, babydoll dresses, and other accessories. The entire collection, which is 70 pieces strong, channels the fun and funky elements of the iconic brand the defined '90s and '00s teen fashion.

dELiA*s, which issued an inspo-providing catalog, truly co-authored the signature style of the end of the previous millennium and the beginning of the current one. Chunky-heeled combat boots, fluffy, fuzzy, furry, and/or floral accessories, and slip dresses worn with baby tees were dominant looks.

The dELiA*s x Dolls Kill hybrid captures the spirit of the classic and instantly recognizable dELiA*s aesthetic, mixing it with the modern flair of Dolls Kill. It's on-brand, retro and vintage-inspired — without looking or feeling dated. It will remind you of the fashions of '90s and '00s-era Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder, Gwen Stefani, Brandy Norwood, and Mayim Balik — on screen, on stage, and IRL.

The limited edition collection starts as low as $18 and goes as high as $88. The shoes are the most expensive products in this incredibly affordable range.

Most of the pieces are perfect for millennials or college-aged people who may not have experienced the brand during its original iteration and generation. There are also plenty of offerings for fashionistas who wore the brand way back when.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

If you are the latter and would prefer to infuse your wardrobe or OOTD with just a touch of dELiA*s nostalgia, you can do it with several of the items and accessories that comprise this range. They are not only inexpensive — they add just the right dose of youthful energy.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

Here are 11 accessories and clothes under $25 that you can build your outfit around.

1. Emoticon Crossbody Bag

Emoticon Crossbody Bag


Dolls Kill

The chain strap and the square shape are early '00s AF. The smiley face emoticon gives it that modern touch. It's just $20 and can be your festival "go-to" next season.

2. Sporty Spirit Baby Tee

Sporty Spirit Baby Tee


Dolls Kill

A sporty, cropped tee with a rainbow stripe and the dELiA's logo is all that you need to pair with your wide-legged jeans. It would no doubt be Sporty Spice-approved.

3. Life In Rainbows Tote Bag

Life In Rainbows Tote Bag


Dolls Kill

One thing that's always in style? Environmental consciousness! Grab this canvas tote, which is less than $5, and take it to the grocery store or when shopping for incidentals. You can show off your allegiance to the dELiA*s x Dolls Kill nation and save some plastic bag waste.

4. Cherry Delias Sports Bra

Cherry Delias Sports Bra


Dolls Kill

Pair this crimson, racerback sports bra with leggings and a zip-up hoodie and add a dose of dELiA*s to your athleisure ansemble.

5. Flower Power Mesh Top

Flower Power Mesh Top


Dolls Kill

The floral print is retro but the cropped, semi-see-through style is Kardashian-ish. The top can be paired with so many pieces you already own.

6. Callin' In Cute Necklace

Callin' In Cute Silver Nameplate Necklace


Dolls Kill

Ball and chain necklaces were big in the early '00s — so of course the d*s x DK collab is bringing it back. The brand's logo is prominently featured on the pendant. It's a low-key way to display your dELiA*s dedication.

7. Rainbow Stripe Socks

Fun All Day Rainbow Stripe Socks


Dolls Kill

Ankle socks like this, which feature the dELiA*s logo and rainbow stripes at the top, can be overt or subtle ways to display your love for the brand. Wear them with combat boots and a babydoll dress for serious '90s vibes. Or wear under jeans and it's like your little fashion secret.

8. Flower Baby Cropped Tee

Flower Baby Cropped Tee


Dolls Kill

It's the ultimate layering piece. Wear it with a flannel and leggings or with a cardigan, boyfriend jeans, and a scarf. There are so many options for piling on pieces with this top and that will determine the styling and towards which decade the presentation pulls.

9. Short Circuit Crop Top

Short Circuit Crop Top


Dolls Kill

And yet another layering essential. You can layer other pieces over this cropped tank. Wear it with an open button down and a leather jacket to keep warm. Or add a zip up hoodie because #options.

10. Bloomin' Bae Flower Splat Earrings

Bloomin' Bae Flower Splat Earrings


Dolls Kill

These silver earrings are another low-key way to show off your allegiance to the dELiA*s x Dolls Kill Nation. The flower splat nods to the logo itself. Plus, they are oversized and cute AF.

11. Monarch Jane Halter Crop Top

Monarch Jane Velour Crop Top


Dolls Kill

OK, so we're cheating a little with this one. It's $28, not $25. But the velour texture, halter neckline, slightly cropped hem, and adorbs butterfly graphic are too cute to pass up. It's another layering item or one you can rock on its own when the temps rise.

These affordable items allow you to indulge your nostalgic side, to add a measured dose of the dELiA*s x '90s and '00s aesthetic to your wardrobe, and to shop for trendily retro pieces without breaking the bank.