The Violet Voss Ride Or Die Palette Is Pricey

It seems like a new eyeshadow palette comes out almost every day. There are tons of different makeup options out there, but Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette is one to watch. It's got everything you need for a full eye look. If you're wondering how much Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette is, I have some good and bad news for you. Unfortunately, it's a bit more pricy than others, but for a great reason.

In case you missed the social media announcement, Violet Voss created a Ride Or Die Palette filed with 42 fan-picked shades. There's everything from shimmers to mattes and brow bone highlights to pops of color. Oh, and all the shades are named after the people who picked them as well. Basically, it's everything you've ever wanted in a palette, because people just like you helped pick it.

The only downfall to the palette is that it's a bit more pricy than normal. While the company's 20-shade kits range from $42 to $45, the Ride Or Die Palette will be $68, according to social media posts. You have to consider the fact that it's over doubled in size though. When you consider that, the price tag makes a lot more sense.

Here's exactly how it breaks down, so you can see why it's worth it. According to the social media post, this palette is worth $270 all together. It will go on sale for $68, which makes the price of each pan $1.61. If that's not affordable enough for you, then I don't know what is.

As far as the launch date goes, nothing is for sure just yet. According to the brand's Instagram post, they will be doing a "sneak peek release" of the palette sometime soon. If you don't get your hands on that when it arrives, then you'll have to wait until the Spring/Summer 2017 date that it officially comes out. Here's a look at their previous Holy Grail Palette, so you can use it as a comparison to how much bigger the new addition is.

Holy Grail Palette, $45, Shop Violet Voss

Now do you see what all the hype was about? The price might be higher than the others, but this is definitely worth every single penny, in my opinion. Fingers crossed it will be available soon!

Images: violetvoss/Instagram (1), violet voss (1)