How Old 'The Bachelor' Twins Are Is A Focus Of Haley & Emily's New Show

Vu Ong/Freeform

If one thing is for sure, 2017 is the year of twins. It not only marks the year of Beyoncé's epic pregnancy announcement, but also the premiere of Emily and Haley Ferguson's new show The Twins: Happily Ever After? America fell in love with Emily and Haley on Season 20 of The Bachelor, where they both competed for Ben Higgins' heart and made "Twin" an acceptable and respected occupation. Now, the twins have the spotlight and their show is all about adulting. But how old are The Bachelor twins anyway? The 23 year olds are taking viewers inside their post-Bachelor lives as they journey through adulthood.

The show, which premieres on March 20, picks up with Emily and Haley making some major strides towards becoming mature adults. They move out and "say goodbye to the comforts of living with their mom," according to Freeform. This means the twins will be doing their own grocery shopping and even cooking their own meals. While they make these chores look fun in the show's promos, they've assured fans that the transition to being full-functioning members of society won't exactly be an easy ride. "We've always grown up having somebody by our side. Since the womb, we've always had to rely on somebody else," Haley said in an exclusive first-look interview for the show. "And we're starting to realize throughout the series that it's very difficult for us to be independent and that's probably why we face some of these insecurities and some of the issues that we go through."

Living on their own isn't the only grown up thing Emily and Haley can cross off their "adulting" list, they'll also be trying out a bunch of new and exciting careers. Emily and Haley explained that their exploratory new jobs will help them discover their professional strengths and weaknesses, while also helping them explore life outside of their comfort zones. They teased that they'll try out their dream jobs, one of which is being a mermaid? That will definitely be an interesting job to watch the twins tackle.

I agree with Emily and Haley, being an adult is tough. But, it looks there will be no shortage of fun and laughs on their new adventure. If their new jobs don't work out, they can always write their own "How To" book on adulting.