'The Bachelor' Sisters Make Twinning A Job

Season 20 of The Bachelor is finally upon us and even if you don't find Ben Higgins especially interesting, the ladies chosen to compete for his heart should have no problem keeping your attention. Among gaggle of strange jobs listed by The Bachelor contestants (one contestant is even described as a Chicken Enthusiast), are Haley and Emily Ferguson, who list their occupations as, you guessed it… Twins. Since I was under the impression that being a twin is the result of a biological process and not an actual career choice, I can't help but to question what The Bachelor twins' real jobs are.

Well, it appears that their own assessments of their careers are not really that far off. The 23-year-old sisters from Las Vegas seem to be making at least part of a living by simply being twins. According to Reality Steve, while Haley and Emily do work as cocktail waitresses, they also appear on reality TV together (even before The Bachelor) and dabble in modeling. It's pretty impressive that the Fergusons were able to find careers that allow them to work together so often. Here's what else you should know about Haley and Emily before they join the competition on The Bachelor.

They Run A Lifestyle Blog With Their BFF

Called "Blondesense", their blog isn't about being twins, but rather a treasure trove of recipes, travel tidbits, and fashion/beauty advice. I got a little lost in it myself because they really do dish out some good advice. I mean, frosted banana cookies? Sign me up.

They Really Love Each Other

Haley and Emily are constantly gushing about how the other one is the better half and how lucky they are to have each other. It's supremely sweet to see two sisters truly appreciate the bond they have. Let's hope that they're able to maintain that bond throughout this season of The Bachelor, and maybe even increase it.

They Are Refreshingly Goofy

They seem like they don't take themselves too seriously and it's actually really endearing.

They Both Have Adorable Dogs

Both Haley and and Emily have furbabies that they very openly adore. That gives you about a zillion extra points in my book.

They Aspire To Be Cheerleaders

The pair actually appeared on another reality show together competing to become Dallas cowboy cheerleaders, so don't be surprised if you see the Ferguson twins literally cheering each other on as they compete on The Bachelor this season.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC