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How Olivia Muenter Breaks The Rules To Create Her Personal Style Every Day

Bustle's Fashion and Beauty Editor Olivia Muenter knows the secret to amazing personal style — and it has nothing to do with size, brand names, or beating everyone to the trend-of-the-moment. In fact, she says, it all comes down to wearing what you want, when you want to wear to it. "The second you allow yourself to explore your personal style in whatever way feels right to you is when you start to feel confident and like your true self," she says. "That is always more impactful (both personally and outwardly) than blending in."

With this key style philosophy in mind, Bustle partnered with Old Navy to show how Muenter's ever-evolving denim style defies archaic fashion "rules." She says, "I avoided jeans for a long time because it usually meant I had to size up (in comparison to my shirt or dress size), so now that I’ve realized that doesn’t matter, I’m discovering a whole new world!"

Ahead, the fashion and beauty editor shows us two ways she's developing her signature denim style.

From Meetings To Post-Work Drinks

Muenter wears Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans with Secret-Slim Pockets in Hazel.

When she has a busy weekday ahead, Muenter picks a look that easily transitions from the office to evening activities. High-waisted jeans with a little stretch make it easy to run around town, while a bright pink silk shirt adds an eye-catching splash of color to the look.

"Pairing something more 'glam' with sneakers is always my go-to these days," she says. "In the past, I would have never worn something so bold because I'd be afraid of drawing attention to myself, but now I love pairing items that aren't 'supposed' to go together."

Date Night Or Afternoon Around Town

Muenter wears Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans with Secret-Slim Pockets in Hazel.

For date night-ready denim, Muenter tops her jeans off with two of her go-to accessories — gold hoops and black cat-eye sunglasses — and a white eyelet top.

When it comes to figuring out which denim style's best for you, forget about what you've been told you "shouldn't" (or even thought you "couldn't") wear, says Muenter. "Life is too short to not wear what you want."

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