This Is How Much Reformation’s Newest Collection Is Saving The Environment

Courtesy of Reformation

So here's some bad news: It turns out that the fashion industry is the second highest contributor of pollution in the world. Reformation is seeking to change that, or at least make people more aware of the problem, which is why Reformation's Sexy Math collection is such an important project.

Reformation partnered with Amanda de Cadenet, the founder of the #Girlgaze Project, to create the Sexy Math collection, a six piece collection of super cute styles that are also super eco-friendly. Each piece helps the environment in its own way, for example, the Oat Coat saves 3,538 gallons of water, and the Flood and Flare Jeans saved 18 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Not too shabby.

Reformation has always been at the forefront of environmentally conscious clothing, and since 2015, they've been using Refscale, a graphic that accompanies all Reformation products that explains how much water, carbon dioxide, and waste is saved by purchasing that specific product, allowing customers to make the most informed, eco-friendly choice when shopping.

The new collection includes a pair of cropped jeans, a super trendy houndstooth blazer, a striped button up, a sexy slip dress, a houndstooth mini skirt, and an oversized blazer. Basically everything in the collection is perfection and you're going to want it all. The six-piece Sexy Math collection ranges from $118-$248 and is available on

Courtesy of Reformation

Here are all of the pieces the full Sexy Math collection.

The Kirt Skirt

The Kirt Skirt, $128, The Reformation

A houndstooth miniskirt is the ultimate piece for fall. Plus 17 pounds of carbon dioxide were saved in the making of this skirt.

The Lazer Blazer

The Lazer Blazer, $248, The Reformation

Pairs well with the Kirt Skirt and you can sleep well knowing 3,549 gallons of water have been saved.

The Flood & Flare Jean

The Flood & Flare Jean, $118, The Reformation

A subtle version of the trendy kick flare that also saved 1 8 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Oat Coat

The Oat Coat, $248, The Reformation

This sexy oversized blazer saved 3,538 gallons of water.

The Cher Dress

The Cher Dress, $198, The Reformation

Quite possibly the perfect slip dress and it saved 1,331 gallons of water. Win-win.

The Boxy Button Down

The Boxy Button Down, $128, The Reformation

This button down can be easily dressed up or worn more casually, and it also saved 14 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.