Here's How Rich The Cast Of 'Southern Charm' Actually Is

Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

Part of the allure of Southern Charm's cast is that they're typically a level of rich that many viewers can't even fathom, making their lives all the more intriguing. This fifth season follows the tried and true band of Charleston residents as they continue to get into mischief and drama, and there's also no shortage of fancy jewelry and expensive-looking parties in the show promos. So, exactly how rich is the Southern Charm cast?

As none of us have eyes in their bank accounts, there's really no way to truly know, but you can speculate based on what the Charmers do for a living. Thomas Ravenel, one of the show's subjects, is a former South Carolina State Treasurer, which would have earned him a solid buck during his time in office. According to a database put together by Ballotpedia, the current person holding that office makes a cool $92,007 per year, so Thomas couldn't have been too far off from that number when he held office.

The State also reports that one of Thomas' homes sold for $3.3 million in 2014, so he's got cash on hand from that, as well. He also owns Ravenel Development Corporation, and while the company's profit numbers aren't readily available to the public, the site lists plenty of projects it's been at the helm of, so business appears to be good. The Charleston City Paper also reported in 2014 that Thomas had invested nearly $235,000 of his own money into another of his (ultimately unsuccessful) political campaigns, and Thomas also claimed that Southern Charm paid about $5,000 per episode to the stars, hinting that it's definitely not the main source of any of their incomes.

Shepard Rose, or "Shep," also has some assets that are nothing to turn your nose up at. Life & Style magazine states that Shep comes from old, family money, and those pockets can tend to run deep. He recently told Forbes that he had bought a home on South Carolina's Isle of Palms, and according to Zillow, the median list price of a home in that neck of the woods is a whopping $925,000, so that likely didn't come cheap. He also notes in the Forbes piece that he has an apartment in downtown Charleston, and whether he rents or buys is unclear, but Zillow reports the median list price to buy there at $381,990 and to rent at $1,850 per month. There's also his restaurant and bar — the Palace Hotel — to consider, though one can't be too sure what the profits are there, either.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is another cast member who comes from old money — according to her Bravo bio, her grandfather served as a South Carolina senator for five decades, so that likely set up her family pretty well. Kathryn's LinkedIn shows that she even dabbled in politics as well as an intern, but otherwise it appears her reality TV career is her main goal right now, though Page Six reported in December that she had taken up a job as a stylist at a department store.

Cameran Eubanks seems to be focused on motherhood right now, but she's listed as a real estate agent for a company in Charleston, and, according to Bravo, is married to a Charleston-based doctor, Jason Wimberly. If Cameran made commission on any bougie South Carolina homes, she could definitely make bank, and the average physician salary in Charleston according to Glassdoor is $183,277 per year, so the couple is probably doing A-OK.

Paul Cheney/Bravo

Austen Kroll's net worth is a little less clear, as his Bravo bio doesn't reveal much other than the fact that he's very into craft beer and has begun working with a brewery. According to a previous Bustle report, his family also owned a second home on Kiwaneh Island, so some of his wealth may be inherited.

Another star, Chelsea Meissner, grew up on Hilton Head Island, according to her Bravo bio — it's a popular vacation spot where Zillow reports the average median list price for a home is $489,000. She also recently bought a new home in the Charleston area, according to a Bravo TV video, where she'd probably be facing those same prices as listed above.

Craig Conover is a bit of an enigma, with a much shorter Bravo bio than the rest of his castmates, but he also allowed Bravo cameras to walk through his seriously adorable home last year that couldn't have come cheap. Bravo also reports that he's a "newly-minted attorney," and Glassdoor lists the average salary of attorneys in Charleston as $90,263 per year, so Craig could be set up to do pretty well in that career.

These are a lot of estimates and averages to make one simple point — these people are probably swimming in it. While fans can't know for sure what any of their net worths are, viewers can rest assured that the Southern Charm cast has no shortage of money-making endeavors up their sleeves.