This Could Be The Scariest Movie Of The Summer

by Allie Gemmill

Oftentimes, prequels can feel pretty expositional and in the case of, say, a horror film prequel, it might be easy to forgo the scares in favor of building up the lore of the film. That is not the case with the prequel to 2014's Annabelle, though, which is itself a spinoff to the film The Conjuring. But just how scary is Annabelle: Creation, the movie in question? It's very scary, you guys. So scary, you might not want to think about dolls or stuffed animals for a good long while after you see it.

The plot of Annabelle: Creation is as follows: after the accidental death of their young daughter (the titular Annabelle), parents Samuel and Esther welcome a group of girls chaperoned by a young nun into their home. In the trailer, Esther explains to the nun that Annabelle was a spirit who asked her father, a dollmaker by trade, to help put her into an actual doll. From there, the doll tries to connect with one of the girls, Janice, while living in Samuel and Esther's home.

Now, if the idea of parents willingly and supernaturally putting the spirit of their young daughter into a doll doesn't creep you the hell out, then maybe the fact that Annabelle somehow escapes her doll prison and possesses a disabled and vulnerable young girl might. Watching her friends and Annabelle's parents try to battle Annabelle as she possesses Janice is certainly unnerving to watch in the trailer; one can only imagine how it will play out in the film.

The most disturbing part is perhaps wondering how this film will end because, considering this is a prequel, audiences will most likely know how the story of Annabelle continues. But before the credits can roll, it looks like viewers will have to endure both Samuel and a Catholic priest trying to protect themselves and others from Annabelle, lots of jump scares where the spirit of Annabelle appears in the background, and some truly horrifying moment with possibly body-related horror and injuries.

Hopefully, this doll and the spirit trapped inside it don't claim too many lives in Annabelle: Creation — keyword: hopefully.