Love Islander Eyal's Height Is Confusing Twitter So Much & TBH Same

by Lara Williams
Love Island / ITV

Things are massively hotting up in the Love Island villa with all manner of coupling-ups, de-couplings, and re-couplings, with things coming to a head of sorts last night. But what is a night on Love Island without drama, confrontation, and sparks flying in every direction? Last night was an Eyal heavy episode, with Twitter ablaze with lots of pressing questions, one of which is how tall is Eyal Booker?

Eyal in his pre-Love Island days worked as a model, and if you have a wander over to his Instagram page (where he has a ridiculous 429k followers), you'll find a host of pictures from his glamorous and globetrotting modelling existence. He is represented by the model management agency MC2 Models, and the site lists his height as 178cm (5 foot 10), with snaps for campaigns he's done for the hairdressing brand Toni & Guy among others.

Eyal's had an eventful time on the show so far. In the first coupling up of the series, he had his pick of a few of the female contestants, with three of Love Island's single ladies — Hayley, Dani, and Samira — stepping forward for the former model. He chose fellow model Hayley. They have struggled to find much of a groove, not least when Hayley forgot his name and confessed he made her "feel sick". Just under a week ago it came out that Eyal had previously dated a former Islander, when it was revealed he'd been with 2016 Love Island contestant Tina Stinnes. However, it was last night's episode that things truly kicked off.

In one of the season's most dramatic moments so far, Eyal kissed one of the island's new girls, Megan, in front of Alex — and what's more, it was in full view of absolutely everyone in the villa. Alex and Megan have already had a bit of a sweet romance so far, with the Internet roundly falling for Alex's pep talk ahead of his first date with Megan. And on last night's news that there would be a re-coupling, with the girls doing the choosing, Alex said he was hoping Megan would choose him. But Eyal threw a real spanner in the works on that front.

As the evening drew in, Eyal went to sit with Megan and Alex, talking to Megan intil Alex eventually left. He expressed his interests in her, but she seemed to still have her heart set on Alex. "He's always coming up to me," she said about Alex, "and reassuring me." However, to Eyal she said "you are like the complete opposite...not that I want you to be like him. But you're giving me five percent and he's giving me 80."

Eyal responded to this news by saying he wanted to kiss her, and asking if he could — but Megan said she found the request "awkward", and walked away. But wait! The he chased after her and kissed her anyway, and she seemed to enthusiastically respond. "Gonna be in trouble," she sheepishly told him later, to which he responded he wasn't there to not get in trouble, he was there to "be with someone I fancy."

But that wasn't it for the evening's drama, as obviously Alex had something to say about the whole thing. "Bit desperate," he commented, then later said in an interview that he wouldn't have done the same to Eyal. Twitter, unsurprisingly, had lots of feelings about it.

"I care about people," Eyal said, somewhat unconvincingly, in the final interview of the night. "But it's dog eat dog. You've gotta get what you want." What will happen next for the three, only time will tell.