Here’s How The Summer Solstice Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Astrologically speaking, the mark of the summer season is not just pertinent to Cancers. The 2019 summer solstice will affect the love lives of all zodiac signs. Come June 21, emotions are going to be strong across the zodiac charts and with that extra bit of sunlight, there will be an extra bit of illumination that will help many of us see our relationships in a different, and more honest light. That said, the Cancer influence is real and we'll have to remind ourselves not to get too carried away with big changes or grand declarations.

Bustle talked to the uber intuitive astrologer Kyle Thomas about the different ways that each sign will feel the effect of the summer solstice. According to Thomas, the combination of extra light and extra inspiration from Cancer creates a wide and surprising array of reactions between signs. Some signs will feel the need to retreat and put their energy towards self care, while other signs will be drawn to nightlife and more exciting romantic entanglements. But what all signs have in common is that their love lives are about to get seriously interesting when the sun moves into Cancer. Here's what each sign can expect to experience, and how best to prepare for the adjustment.


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Put on your sweatpants and get comfortable, according to Thomas you're going to dig deep into your feels and enjoy time at home. "Recharge your self-love to better love someone else," Thomas reminds Aries, of this crucial time to direct love inward and set the stage for a healthier romantic future.


If you haven't been expressing yourself romantically, the summer solstice is going to inspire you to start talking. "It’s time to communicate from the heart, so consider how you can use your words to charm. Weave a love story from the mind and watch it come to life," Thomas suggests.


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"Focus on what you value now because your worth should always be known. Treat love like a prize and watch it turn to gold," Thomas encourages Geminis. As your birthday month comes to a close, it's time to spend a little less time celebrating and a little more time reflecting on what's important.


Happy birthday Cancer, now is your time to put your needs front and center. According to Thomas, "you’re so used to putting others first but your heart needs watering, too. Stand up for it and be proud no one loves quite like you."


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"Take a moment to retreat to your private places and listen to the whispers in your dreams. Your romantic fantasy can be amped up with a little bit of imagination," Thomas suggests. AKA, spend a little time practicing a more intimate self love, or just get carried away in a saucy romance novel, just make sure you give your imagination some exercise.


Lucky Virgo is about to have a very interesting love life. According to Thomas, it's time to get out there and start socializing and mingling. "Whether single or taken, romance grows by being with your community," so make plans and lean into this energetic time.


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"You’re a star and the cosmos are singing your name. Consider how you can court attention like royalty with your special someone — or set your eyes on a powerhouse partner to add as a jewel to your crown," Thomas explains. But remember, you don't need a relationship to complete yourself, it should always be the cherry on top.


It's time to make life a bit more interesting. Thomas tells Bustle that Scorpios should try something new and exotic now because the stars are telling you to shake off the routine and set sail to wider horizons. "Consider travel or meditation with a lover or go after someone not your “usual type.” They may open your eyes."


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According to Thomas, intimacy is on your mind so consider if your needs are being met. Ask yourself, really, are they? "You’ll be deep in your feels, so some old baggage or karma might be stirred up. Are you ready to dive deeper in love or do you need to do more personal soul searching?" Thomas asks. Give yourself the time and space to consider this, it's important!


Partnership and commitment are on your mind, so what else is new, Cap? Thomas encourages you to ask yourself if you are you being truly fulfilled or has it become stagnant? "This could be a season where you grow closer or choose to let it go. Don’t worry. You deserve someone to rule the mountain with," he explains, so make sure you're matched with someone worth trekking with.


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Thomas asks Aquariuses to contemplate the “routine” in their love life. "Has the same shtick gotten monotonous? Crank the motors to the next gear or change direction altogether. You’ve got the reins," so take them.


Good news Pisces, according to Thomas, "passion, pleasure, and romance are here for you in full splendor." Because you love this beach season, Thomas suggests that you "dive into the oceans of love to swim alongside your kindred spirit or splash on into a whole new tide pool. Magic is here — so take it."