Here’s How The August Full Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Brittany Bennett
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It's not unheard of to experience a swell of feelings as the moon beams in its fullest phase. A full moon is a time during which it seems we experience peak emotion. Especially if that full moon is intertwined with love. Feelings may run amuck around Aug. 15, when the full moon is in Aquarius and affected by Venus, the planet of love. Know how the August 2019 full moon will affect your love life, based on your zodiac sign, to get ahead of all the feels.

The August 2019 full moon might not be all fireworks and sparks, but it sure will be fiery. "The full moon is opposite Venus by only 0°20′ orb which is very strong. While Venus has a soft, loving influence, the opposition makes this a challenging moon phase," Astrology King shared on its site. The full moon lends its illumination to uncovering what was previously in the dark. With the lunar light beaming down, you may see what has been previously kept in the dark. Including your own feelings surrounding a situation.

And this can be a helpful aspect of the full moon. "You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony," Astrology King continued on its site. Seeing what needs working on means you can actually begin working to resolve them successfully. All zodiac signs are affected differently by the full moon.

Similarly, New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, "this full moon may cause us all to feel taken for granted and insecure in matters of the heart. Standing in our truth will allow us to take the right path and commit to what and who we love."

Find out how each zodiac sign's love life will be affected by the August 2019 full moon.


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This full moon will be a lot about finding balance. This couldn't be more true when it comes to the people you love. "Friends are now a source of comfort, but your crush may be resentful of them. Try to mend bridges between them to avoid conflicts," Stardust says. You can devote your time to loved ones, both a partner and friends, without having to make one party feel chosen over another.


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Uranus Retrograde combined with August's full moon means there's a lot of change occurring in the astrological atmosphere. With Venus playing into all of this commotion, you may be feeling a little lost. Hold on. "You are more confused than ever about love. Keep the faith, this luminary offers clarity towards the next steps," says Stardust. With the full moon's illumination and Uranus Retrograde's reflection, you'll soon see the proper path forward.


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You are feeling the love, Gemini, and you're not about to hold back your feelings. "Let your feelings be known. Speak from the heart and embrace your sentiments," Stardust tells Bustle. Let your loved ones know how you feel. Your partner, your bestie, your siblings, your parents: call them all up and let them know that they're loved.


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Rough emotions may surface during this Full Moon pertaining to love. To avoid any massive fights, don't poke or prod your partner. "Respect your partner’s boundaries to avoid confrontations with them," says Stardust. Setting boundaries for both parties is healthy. If an issue arises that is really bothersome, bring it up. But think twice, three, four times, before crossing any set boundaries.


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August's full moon shines a light on love, and the not-so-shiny areas of it. But if a relationship is worth it for you, you'll be energized to work through any issues. "You’re giving your relationship your all now—fighting for love and acceptance," says Stardust. It's worth the fight!


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Ah, love. It's beautiful, hard work. But when it's simply unfolding, it's pure magic. This full moon is in favor of your blossoming romance. "You’re spending extra time with your crush, which is brining you both closer," Stardust tells Bustle. Any issues that may arise in these beginning stages can be worked through, if you're both committed, leading to a healthy, strong foundation for a relationship.


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With Venus being so involved in August's full moon, love will certainly be on the mind. "Love is in the air and you are ready to recommit to your relationship," Stardust says. If you've been in an off-and-on situation, you may decide on which direction to take.


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The full moon has the potential to cast its lunar light on areas of your love life that aren't working. Any tension in your relationship? You won't be able to ignore it under these illuminated beams, so don't. "You’re in the mood to resolve long standing issues with your partner under this full moon," says Stardust. Resolving issues makes for a stronger, healthier relationship and a happier you.


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Perhaps the most humorous of the zodiac, your sharp wit is always on point. But maybe it's diverted from your actual point? Prepare for that to change with this full moon. "Life is full of surprises and right now you are surprising yourself by expressing your truth to your partner," Stardust tells Bustle. LOLs aside, you may be getting straight to the heart of the matter with your love life.


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If you've been feeling swamped by dating life, this moon may revive you. "You’re taking your power back and allowing yourself to be seen under this luminary," says Stardust. You'll soon be back in your usual groove and the leading lady of your own love life.


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With Uranus being retrograde and all, change is marquee theme for the next few astrological months. You may feel that in your love life, Aquarius. "You’re focusing on your needs for a change in relationships, which is a change for you," Stardust shares with Bustle. It's helpful to reflect on your past relationships and realize what needs changing so that you can have a healthier, happier love life.


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So much of this full moon phase is about finding balance between independence and togetherness. Of all zodiac signs, you might feel this theme the most. "You’re trying to find the right blend of time to spend with and without your loved one," says Stardust. Take this time to figure out what you need in a relationship and when you need time for yourself.