Here’s How The July Full Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Your rose colored glasses might change their shade of pink when the moon becomes full on Jul. 16. This is no ordinary full moon, it's also a lunar eclipse which means regular lunar influences on our emotions are even more intense. You'll want to know how the July 2019 full moon will affect your love life, based on your zodiac sign, so you can stock up on all the right rom-coms to get through it.

Each month full moon rituals reminds us to release what no longer positively serves our lives. Eclipses see your regular cleansing and raise you a complete overhaul. But it's all for the best. "In order to move up, we have to clear, we have to let go, we have to release, and that is exactly what this Lunar Eclipse will be guiding us to do," Forever Conscious reports. Change is difficult, but it's crucial to "remember our strength" when it happens.

Don't panic, this doesn't mean the relationship you're in is going to randomly end. The lunar eclipse is all about you. "This lunar eclipse calls for us all to transform from within. As long as we are committed to personally evolving—we will be able to create the dream we want," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. Being in touch with your emotions, wants, and needs will allow you to see where your love life has the potential to go. July's full moon will illuminate what's not working in your love life so that you can reflect on it, clear it out and level up.


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The office isn't the most ~romantic~ setting. Try to free up space in your schedule for a date night, or a rom-com marathon. "Work may cause extra stress now. Try to relax and unwind from the chaos," Stardust urges. Ask your beloved for a sweet massage to lighten up the mood or light candles for yourself.


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Taurus might expect to get hit with a wave of ~feels~ and might want to consider a retreat to deal with it. "Hit the beach for some meditative R & R to help you beat your emotional eclipse meltdown," Stardust encourages. Make sure you pack your journal.


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It'll be important to focus on you this upcoming eclipse. "Setting boundaries may be tough, but necessary for you right now—if only to create limits with others," Stardust says. If someone has been asking too much of you, without giving anything in return, it may be time to end — or at least — limit their access to your treasure trove of emotions.


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Been ghosted and then "zombied" one too many times by that one particular match? Fickle relationships may see their final fizzle. "Letting go of those who have proven to be false friends may be hard, but essential to your growth. Let your pinchers loosen the reigns on partnerships," Stardust urges.


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Insecurities may flare up when competition becomes apparent — and maybe even fierce. "Don’t stress, you will have success in your time," Stardust says. Things will work out the way they should when they should. Life isn't a race!


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Steer clear of playing any games just to get a rise out of someone you fancy. "Drama with your crush may create power struggles. Don’t feed into the arguments to enable serenity," Stardust tells Bustle. Play it cool around the full moon lunar eclipse and try not to be bothered by any texts intended to push your buttons.


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There might not be any hot dates on the calendar around the full moon lunar eclipse, but that's okay. "Your world is changing which is enabling you to transform your emotions and dreams," Stardust says. Take this time to think about what you really want and where you really see yourself. Sometimes getting to know yourself over a candlelight dinner for one is the best thing you can do for your love life.


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Got a lot to gush about? This full moon lunar eclipse could stir up the sweet talk. "You’re in the mood to express yourself, even if that means sharing your deepest sentiments," Stardust says. You might be ready to confess your love or at least turn those powerful, beautiful sentiments into art.


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Funds low for date night? "Your finances are strained, but you will find a nifty way to boost up your bank account," Stardust says. With your finances being a challenge, you could put together a creative (and free) spin on date night.


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If you've been feeling at the mercy of another, prepare for that to change. "You’re taking back your power right now, which will make you feel more secure than ever," Stardust says. Spend time with yourself, be your own hype person and move forward with the ultimate confidence.


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The full moon lunar eclipse is an especially potent time to reflect on the past. What didn't work? What can be left behind? But maybe most importantly, how can you learn from it all? "You’re unraveling your past hurts, which will lead to emotional advancement," Stardust says. It may be painful to revisit, but confronting the past hurt might just heal and open your heart for a fresh future.


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"You may feel lost and unseen amongst your peers, which will cause tensions within your friendships," Stardust cautions. This full moon lunar eclipse will intensify emotions in your most intimate relationships. If you're feeling left out, or unheard, it could be a good time to step back and reevaluate your relationship dynamics.