This Zodiac Sign Should Expect An Important Work Event Soon, Thanks To The August Full Moon

by Brittany Bennett
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The full moon on Aug. 15 is in the humanitarian sign Aquarius and we're all going to be feeling particularly supportive. Usually full moons come with heavy emotions that we brace for. But Aquarian energy is light and with this moon's position to Venus, the planet of love, we'll be feeling a lot of it. This could make your work environment a nice place to be. Water cooler conversation could be invigorating, even. Find out how the August 2019 full moon will affect your work based on your zodiac sign, to know what to expect at the office in the next coming weeks.

Aquarian full moons are a break from the heavy emotions that typically fall upon us during this notorious lunar phase. "As the water bearer, Aquarius has the natural gift and ability to take these heavy emotions and transform them into something lighter," Forever Conscious explained on its site. "All of us have Aquarian energy within us, and on this full moon, we are going to be guided to bring healing, lightness, and love to the world." When it comes to our work life this means we might find a more collaborative work environment amongst our co-workers.

We'll be eager to work for the greater good and find ways to make our cubicle feel more like a window into the world. All zodiac signs might feel encouraged to make a big difference — starting in their little office.


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The full moon is in Aquarius, but we're all still in Leo season. That means there will be a lot of social energy swirling around. But this could be used to the advantage of your networking skills. You're known for you independence, Aries, but this full moon may bring people into your life who can help propel your big career goals. You'll be hard at work once Virgo season rolls in.


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Aquarian energy is generally focused on the greater good. The more you work on yourself, the more empowered you'll be to empower others. The full moon in Aquarius is asking you to work on your career, to gain that power. It's time to get to work!


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All this Aquarian energy on Aug. 15 might have you inspired to consider the world when it comes to career aspirations. As astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, "it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and step up your professional goals." The results of expanding your mind will revive your work — and inspire you to dream bigger — for months to come.


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Astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle, "This full moon will push us to achieve our professional desires without hesitation. We will put our dreams into motion and plan for the future." This couldn't be more true for you, Cancer. "You’re due for a promotion — state your case to your boss and you may receive your wishes." The energy from the full moon is encouraging. Stand in your power pose and get what you want. It won't just be you benefiting from your promotion but the rest of the company too.


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This is your season, Leo, and how you love the spotlight. However, around the full moon on Aug. 15 you won't be thinking of yourself. Your mind will instead be on a partnership. Now may be the time to figure out the direction a work relationship will take, and your focus on professional partnerships around the full moon can "help with your future success," according to Stardust.


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This full moon will have you re-thinking your work-life balance. You're always one to work hard and make sure all the finest details are in place before submitting the final product. That can sometimes be a lot of pressure and produce a ton of stress. As Leo season begins to transit into Virgo season, make sure you get some serious rest. Head from the office to your meditation practice. A little revival will go a long way.


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Libra, now is the time to finish up projects so you can move on to other, possibly bigger, things. "It’s time to put the finishing touches on any creative projects you’ve been working on lately. Use the full moon energy to tie up loose ends so you can move forward with new endeavors," psychic Renee Watt tells Bustle. This Aquarian full moon will be supportive and light, allowing you to finish up any work with ease.


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Your mind has been on your professional life all Leo season, Scorpio. And you're obviously standing out in a very good way. But work is all about balance. With the full moon, your work life balance might be more focused on the ~life~ part of that scale. Go visit some family, or old friends — they will enjoy having you around.


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Your brilliant brain is constantly packed with genius ideas. The full moon on Aug. 15 supports you sharing them with the class. "Your trigger finger may be itching a bit and you’re ready to shoot off some new projects at work, dear archer. String your bow and shoot off those new ideas or endeavors with the confidence and charisma your beloved sign is known for," Watt tells Bustle. This full moon is all about collaboration and working with each other to better the world. Your ideas are worthy.


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The full moon in Aquarius is all about taking the time to work on yourself. The better off you are means you're in a better position to empower those around you. "Keep your chin up around the office, as a raise may be in the cards for you this full moon! If you’re self employed, be open to new opportunities in business that could improve your standing and bring in the dough," Watt tells Bustle. You work your heart out. You're likely the last to leave the office, Capricorn. You deserve recognition.


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The full moon in your sign means you'll be ~feeling~ this transit, quite possibly the most of any other sign. The humanitarian of the zodiac, you're always on the case of lightening loads and encouraging love. How can you step further into your power during the illumination of this full moon to inspire healing through your work?


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Work and life go hand-in-hand. And around the Aug. 15 full moon in Aquarius, you might need to do an internal scan. Have you been focusing too heavily on work? Follow Aquarius' lead and lighten up. Aquarian energy encourages taking time to work on the betterment of the self. That way, once you're revived, you can come back with the ability to help others.