Here’s How January’s Total Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Sign

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As if starting off the new year with an epic full moon wasn't sweet enough, we're in for an extra celestial treat later this month. On Jan. 31 at 5:37 a.m., we will be treated to a second full moon, also known as the blue moon — and we will watch that moon become fully eclipsed too, as it occurs during a total lunar eclipse — and this is all while it holds down court as a super moon. Unofficially, it's been dubbed the Eclipse of the Super Blue Blood Moon (which is a name that I just made up.) Yeah, the second full moon of January 2018 is going to be massively epic, and if you're at all into astrology, you're probably wondering how January's total lunar eclipse will affect your sign. If so, worry not: I've got the low-down on what to expect, how to battle the odds, and how continue shining and making good on your resolutions through the end of the month. Just because big stuff is happening in the sky doesn't mean you're going to get shaken off course.

It's a given that the lunar eclipse is going to have some effect on us in a personal way, but if you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself for a potentially trying time. But on the flip side, you can look at the total lunar eclipse as a positive occurrence, too, and take advantage of the added emotions that the eclipse will bring. Use it to check in with yourself, check in with others, and meditate on your goals for the future. Here's how you can expect January's extra-special lunar eclipse to affect your zodiac sign:


You've been working really hard on your creative goals, and while you might not see any traction just yet, don't let the eclipse fool you into thinking you're doing it all for nothing. Try to keep your emotions from getting the best of your work mojo. Keep your head down and work — it's going to pay off.


You might be feeling like you need someone to lean on and that your strength is waning. Aka, the eclipse might very well make you feel like you've been knocked off your feet. Know that it's totally OK to lean on friends or a family member for support, but just make sure that the person you choose to lean on is strong enough to support you.


You have a tendency to go back and forth, alternating between mentalities and suffering from ambivalence — especially when it comes to work. Don't let the eclipse make you doubt yourself. Make the choice your gut knows is right.


You are feeling emotionally tapped, but you're not empty yet. Instead of giving in to the feelings of despair towards the end of the month, find the light. You'll realize that there are plenty of good and positive things happening around you, and that your mood was blocking them from your view. Once you fix your eyes on the light in your life, all that felt negative and heavy will slink away.


Oh Leo, the eclipse is going to have you feeling some kind of way. This month might have threatened to knock you off your confidence train, but the total lunar eclipse is going to bring you right back to where you belong: in the spotlight. But don't be surprised if you're feeling a bit more sensitive than usual — it's good for you! It will keep you rooted.


You're really into the big picture, and usually keeping your focus in the long run works for you. But toward the end of the month, you're going to be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the work you've got before you. A part of you will want to curl up and go home, even. But don't give up! Just change your attitude — try focusing on one day at a time instead.


You are kicking ass this month and taking names. The year started off on the right foot, and so, as a result, you are feeling yourself. Go with it! But try to check in with yourself. too — you could really stand to call home, talk to your parents, write in your journal, and remember your roots during this exciting time.


You're so lucky that you have boundless energy, and that you tend to thrive in any situation you're thrown in. But towards the end of this month, you're going to need to be a bit more mindful of where you expend that energy. Try to save it for things that are good for you and your future. Spend a bit of time during the eclipse thinking about what that means for you.


You have been working hard to improve yourself, but lately, you may have been feeling like you're not making any progress. Look to the eclipse as an opportunity to reach a breakthrough that will help you see things more clearly. Is there anything in your life you've been unwilling to let go of, though you know deep down you should?


Capricorn, this is your year. In 2018, you can become exactly who you've always wanted to be, but never thought you could be. Toward the end of the month, you'll think you're silly for reaching so high — but ignore that thought. You can reach your goals.


You've been having trouble focusing at work, and luckily for you, the total lunar eclipse is going to help you get back on track. Chances are, there's something in your personal life that's distracting you from your professional life. Once you take the time to address that, your focus will clear.


You're going to decide to take on something difficult this month. It might be a relationship, it might be a job, it might be a responsibility, or it might be a personal goal. And while you might be feeling good about it now, the end of the month will bring with it some serious doubts. Just ignore them — you can handle this.