Here's The Major Emotional Change The July New Moon Will Bring Each Zodiac Sign

by Brittany Bennett
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It's that time of the month again. The new moon is back on Jul. 2 in sensitive Cancer, and all zodiac signs can expect to feel all the feels. But this New Moon isn't your ordinary new moon. It's also a Solar Eclipse. Know how the July 2019 new moon will affect you, based on your zodiac sign, to make the most of this astrological ~awakening~.

We have arrived at the welcome mat of the summer's eclipse season. This mat sits at a door that will either open for us to step through, or slam in our faces. While that may leave a bruise, a shut door ultimately redirects us to another door to step through. The energy might feel intense but this new moon/solar eclipse combo asks that we be open to new beginnings. Because there might be a spike in opportunities.

Change is in the forecast. If you've been feeling particularly frustrated and stuck in a stagnant situation, you might feel fog lift. "Making changes will definitely be favored around this Eclipse, so think of an area of your life that needs an upgrade and allow the Eclipse energy to guide you," Forever Conscious wrote. This new moon is all about discovering our self worth. Perhaps write a love letter to yourself or vow to be more patient with your progress. Draw yourself a bubble bath and apply to your dream job. You're in charge of changing your life. July is bookended with new moons — the next one will be on Jul. 31 — so keep an open mind, heart, and journal for the new beginnings to come.


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Prepare for the influx of emotions. The first July 2019 new moon makes it clear that home really is where the heart is, Aries. This eclipse "could prompt a move or a significant change under your roof—from the occupants to the decor to the house rules of Chateau Aries," according to AstroStyle. But it's not just about a new abode. A significant woman in your life could be the gateway to a new opportunity that could lead to serious changes.


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Pay attention to communication around this new moon. This new moon and eclipse will "fall along your communications axis, stimulating your desire for variety, mental stimulation, and contact," said Cafe Astrology. Change up your commute home from work. Engage in meaningful conversations. And keep a journal around through it all. While you're being stimulated by change, a genius idea might be sparked.


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This new moon/eclipse combo means business. "If you ARE looking for insight around the habits to cultivate or where to spend your time and money, this eclipse will lay out a boldfaced plan," AstroStyle wrote. When it comes to matters of making money, this eclipse could wash away outdated habits and introduce a new opportunity for income — and ideas on how to save that new cash flow.


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Being that this new moon is occurring in your sensitive sign this month, the effects will likely be maximized for you, dear Cancer. But you can harness that energy and turn major changes into exciting, positive opportunities. "You're making changes to how you approach the world, and as you do, you'll find that you attract different experiences and people into your life," Cafe Astrology wrote. Give yourself time. Be patient. Meditate and purge any negativity that's been holding you back. This new moon will be an assist with making the right changes to bring you more into your power.


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You know that saying "when one door closes, another opens"? This rings true for your July new moon experience on the 2nd. "The Cancer solar eclipse could prompt a sudden release of control, an ending or a rite of passage. One chapter of your life is transitioning into something new—like a closure and a fresh start that happens all at once," AstroStyle predicted. This could be an ideal time for meditating.


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Your social situation has been under a planetary microscope. This new moon is no exception, energizing changes that need to be made or will occur in your group associations. "Some of you may have been pursuing a project on your own, and you now recognize the need to delegate tasks, collaborate, or start something brand new. The change is likely to be an empowering one, even if your first instinct is to resist it," Cafe Astrology wrote. If anyone can organize an opportunity to network, it's you diligent Virgo. But don't be afraid to ask for a little help.


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Spruce up your LinkedIn, Libra. Professional changes may be on the horizon. Some, perhaps unexpected, (good) news at work might pass your cubicle around the new moon and lead to a corner office? Whether you're getting promoted or switching companies, expect your career to be highlighted during this new moon phase.


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Scorpio, you are in charge of the change that happens for you. This new moon and solar eclipse could feel a little intimidating. But intimidation has never been something that deters you from your ultimate goals. To get to where you want to go this new moon may introduce an opportunity that feels more like a bold risk. You may think about taking a classic leap of faith.


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This new moon is all about collaboration for you, Sagittarius. And it sounds kind of sexy. "A partnership of some kind could become official, one that blends mind, body and spirit. In this hyper-erotic zone, it could set the stage for a sizzling encounter—and it can also launch you into a more permanent expression of your love, such as buying property, getting engaged or pregnancy," AstroStyle wrote. But this collaboration isn't all personal. Professional matters will also feel this. You can find a partner for your business venture — or unexpected investors.


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This new moon and solar eclipse will focus on pairing up, Capricorn. An unexpected person might enter your life and accentuate your future. Look out for the unexpected but also don't drop the ball on your self-care. Self care isn't only for Sundays. It's an around-the-clock duty that you owe yourself. "Rather than settle for being the dutiful Goat who’s holding it together for everyone else, these eclipses prompt you to factor your own needs into the equation," AstroStyle insisted. Take a minute to remind yourself how wonderful and worthy you are.


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If you have Rihanna's "Work" stuck in your head, it's probably because you've been hard at ... work. The new moon will revive you if you've been feeling lost and stressed under a mountain of assignments. And if you've been feeling less than inspired at your desk, prepare to be refueled. "Let motivation and inspiration build naturally, and soon enough, you'll be ready to make changes and improvements," Cafe Astrology advised. This new moon in Cancer encourages you to be kind to yourself.


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In the midst of summer you may feel like it's time for belated spring cleaning around the new moon/solar eclipse transit. After feeling drained and possibly unsure about your next step, July's new moon encourages you to be playful. You'll be motivated to "open your heart," according to AstroStyle. You might want to refresh your summer wardrobe, go out and chat up people at your local arcade, or post a #feltcute selfie sure to rack up the likes. This eclipse will help you to feel like you're back in your groove