The November Full Moon Might Mess With Your Thanksgiving In 4 Major Ways

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A full moon in Gemini is going to be simply delicious this turkey season. Are you ready for some great tableside chatter? That's right — the gobble gobble isn't just for the birds this season. Most people during the November 2018 full moon will feel it affect their Thanksgiving, despite it happening on Nov. 23 — namely, they are going to feel an influx of desire to talk. After all, Gemini is the sign of the gab, and we'll need it and then some when we talk to the relatives on relatives that we will all gather at the table with this month.

According to sstrologer Lisa Stardust, "The Gemini Full Moon is a time to grow and heal relationships through communication. Talking things out under this Full Moon will serve to help matters blossom and transform."

That means this will intersect with your relatives' ability to understand you — they'll likely want to. You know how sometimes it can be frustrating to get together with all sorts of generations, personalities, world views, even turkey-eating styles? This time around, the full moon will make things a little more meaningful and affectionate because people might be trying to talk about what's on their hearts.

Note that the full moon falls on Black Friday, so technically its energy won't be in full swing until the day after everyone is supposed to gather around the table on Thursday. But nevertheless, the Gemini full moon energy will still be slowly trickling in during this time, affecting us in all the best ways possible! Here are the four main ones.


You might be more inclined (or less inclined) to listen to your family talk. Make sure you do!

When you're seated at that table on Nov. 22, try and take a step back and pay attention (which of course, Mercury in retrograde at this time might not make easy) and don't give into the scattered attention span Gemini can bring.

Your aunt who is complaining about Thanksgiving traffic might be worrying about something else. Your cousin who keeps asking your mom for more seconds might be hiding something else they want to say. Your grandfather who keeps grabbing your arm to tell you another old-timer story might want to connect to you as he's getting older.

This is a good time to pay attention in general. Communication will be more on everyone's minds, even with a Mercury in retrograde — so capitalizing on it is the best way to ultimate bonding.


You'll have a chance to stop and be grateful.

Even in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, as people go home for the holidays and clog up the lines at the grocery stores, it's a good time to stop and be thankful for all the awesome energy that the holidays bring.

The Thanksgiving season always brings a duality between being alone and bonding with the family. Take the pauses in between to think about the difference in energy and be grateful for the company you do have.

Geminis are called to be more contemplative, and that is the lesson everyone should take with them during this season.It's a good time to be thankful and not forget to communicate that thankfulness, even if your best-laid plans go awry.


Any unexpected changes will be met with more flexibility.

You know who has a knack for getting out of any tricky situation? A Gemini. Their quick wits and minds, ruled by Virgo, can always brainstorm their way out of a hard place.

So if you run into any inconveniences during travel, work, play, etc., during this Thanksgiving season, you will feel the full moon energy of more creative solutions at your fingertips. This is probably one of the best aspects of being affected by the sign of the twins — it's double the brainpower for getting yourself out of a tricky solution. Talk your way out of it with someone you care about, or just think fast until it comes to you! (This might most come in handy at the airport if your flight gets delayed, of course...)


You could find yourself bonding with anyone in line!

"As the ultimate social butterfly, Gemini can find common ground with just about anyone," astrologer Rachel Celeste Hansen explained on

When the full moon is in technical full swing as you stand in line Friday morning, annoyed that you might not get that coveted gift card, strike up a conversation with a stranger next to you if you feel so called.

Ask them how their holiday is going. It is such a good time to connect with the world around you in whatever capacity possible — Gemini energy is naturally curious, so taking advantage of that is the perfect time to make another person's day!

Or if you don't jive with talking to randos on the street, you might feel called to text a friend and see how they're doing. Communication galore!

It's almost like a Gemini full moon was fated for the holiday season in which it would be most well-received! Lots of people around to talk to — and you'll likely end up doing so.