This Zodiac Sign Should Take A Break From Dating Right Now

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Ahead of cuffing season, as festive couple-friendly activities — like apple-picking and horror movie watching and hay-riding — become weekend staples, you'll want to know how the October full moon will affect your dating life. For some signs, the full moon in Aries is going to have a pretty intense influence on their relationship status, while other signs will barely notice the thrill in the air. So whether you have a steamy night ahead of you or a blissfully uneventful night ahead of you, you'll want to know what's in store so you can gauge your expectations.

Typically, full moons are great opportunities to reflect on your personal life, and look at where you are and check to see if it aligns with where you want to be. The full moon offers a very literal illumination which prompts us shine a light all the parts of our personal lives. But the October full moon falls in the midst of an über-transitional time, which makes the power of the full moon more transformative than usual. It's the first full moon of the fall season, and it's a Libra moon that peaks in Aries.

The combination of Libra energy, which will make us want to focus on balancing our personal relationships, with the Aries energy that will make us want to turn up the heat in relationships will make that balancing act hard for some. Some of us might feel like we've just finally balanced out our love lives and come to to adjust to the way things are, only to be in store for a shake up that's going to create a need for more adjusting. That said, some signs aren't rattled by the full moon energy or the Aries energy as much as others, so for many, the October full moon will be a quiet night that doesn't have much of an effect on your love life.

Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas to break down how each sign will be affected independently.



"You are front and center at this full moon, so your greatest desires and hopes are also coming into the spotlight. Whether single or taken, don’t be afraid to shine and go after what you want," Thomas encourages. The way you feel about the people in your life might be changing, so pay attention to little details and see if love is hiding in plain sight.


According to Thomas, you are feeling more romantic the last few months and this trend will continue until Spring 2020! But while your love life is full of heat right now, the full moon is encouraging you to lie low and rest. "If you have a boo, spend some time at home relaxing. You may even be feeling the need for some solitude," Thomas says. Whether you spend the time alone or with your partner, your love life won't be changed, it's going to stay hot for a while.



There are lots of social opportunities for you right now and you should be saying yes to all of them. "You could meet someone just your type or have a lot of fun with your significant other. This could also be a moment when you turn a friend into a lover," Thomas tells Bustle, reminding us that if you don't go out, you can't find what you're looking for.


According to Thomas, both you and your boo are doing really well at work right now. This could be a “power couple” moment, or if you're single, you could start seeing someone who you can really learn from.



Thomas tells Bustle that during this time you’re encouraged to try new things and step out of your safe zone. "The daily routine is feeling stale, so encourage yourself to fly free," Thomas suggests. "If you have a special someone, consider going on a trip, and if you're single, try dating someone with a different background than you," Thomas says. Different is good, and now is great time for learning.


Your love life is about to get way more interesting. According to Thomas, your erotic side is highlighted now, so if you already have a partner, "this is a good time to bring your souls and bodies even closer." Be open about what you want, what feels good, and what isn't working. Getting what you want is just a matter of knowing how to ask for it.



"A major moment for your partnerships has come and you could find a very important and powerful connection at this time. If you are single and looking, don’t miss this chance to find someone with serious long-term potential," Thomas tells Bustle. There strong connections to be had during this time, to so open yourself up to conversations that allow you to go deep and have an open mind about who and how you connect.


"You’ll be very busy at this full moon, and with Venus being in your sign but in a wild dance with Uranus, the planet of surprise, you could have a chance meeting with someone new," Thomas tells Bustle. If you're in a relationship, you'll be interested in shaking things up, turning up the intensity and finding ways to connect on a deeper and more sensual level.



No pressure, but this is the most important moment of the year for you for love. "You could be feeling especially romantic and wanting to focus on your pleasure. Make sure you plan something adventurous! If single, go out there and make yourself visible because Cupid is shooting arrows in your direction!" Thomas tells Bustle. That said, if you've been already dating someone and it's not going well, expect it fizzle out during this time. Don't be bummed about it, it's all for the best.


You’re feeling especially domestic during this full moon, likely focusing either on being attentive to your home or family and not all that interested in going out. "You could also be throwing a dinner party or having an important event where you entertain guests at your home,'" Thomas says, so there are plenty of ways to keep your romantic life interesting without leaving the house.



Your mind is extra active at this time and you could have exactly the right things to say, so speak your mind. "Consider charming your significant other with sweet compliments, texts, or letters and watch as they melt into you" Thomas tells Bustle. "With Uranus (your ruler) and Venus (planet of love) in a wild dance this weekend, single Aquarius could have extra special luck in the romance department or even find someone great through online dating," Thomas adds. So trust that whatever you have to say is worth sharing and give the people around you a chance to know you better.


"You’re likely feeling highly possessive at this point in time. You could also be contemplating your self-worth when it comes to love and your relationships," Thomas tells Bustle. Do a little meditation to reconnect with your self worth. The perception you have of yourself is what's most important.