How To Apply For 'The Circle', The C4 Reality Show With A Very Modern Twist

Channel 4

Channel 4's The Circle is back for a second series, having kicked off last night (Sept. 26). The reality TV series — which is kind of like Big Brother, but with a very modern twist — launched last year and was met with huge praise, so it's no wonder that it's back for round two. And it sounds better than ever. Here's everything you need to know about the show, from what the premise of it is to how to apply for The Circle.

What is The Circle?

The Circle is a Channel 4 TV show that sees a bunch of strangers living in the same apartment building. The catch? They never actually meet each other, instead only communicating via social network The Circle, a purpose-built, voice-activated site. Each contestant can make a choice to play as themselves, or to become someone else on social media by creating a profile and essentially catfishing their fellow "players." The aim is to get your fellow users to like you, as each week, the most unpopular player (determined by ratings) is blocked and sent packing. It is only then that they get to reveal who they really are to the others. The winner gets a cash prize, so the incentive to be liked is real.

Who won The Circle last year?

Last year saw contestant Alex Hobern win an impressive £75,000 after managing to convince the others that he was a woman called Kate. The pictures he used were actually of his girlfriend Millie. Hobern has revealed that since winning, the pressure has gotten to Millie. "She loves the buzz around me, but not the buzz around her," he told "Now her normal Instagram page, where she uploads pictures of trees, has like 45,000+ fans. She’s like, 'I can’t upload what I want to upload because people judge it now.'"

He continued: "It’s a real complicated world we’re living in. I haven’t even got the money or spent it yet, and people assume a jacket Millie’s wearing must be a present from me. No! I don’t have the money yet… It’s just really awkward. She’s not a fan of that but everything else she’s lapping up."

Who's in The Circle this year?

This year, Emma Willis will be taking over hosting duties, and there will be a number of celebrity guests as well as contestants. First up, I can't go any further without mentioning that Richard Madeley is taking part this year, as an actual player. He will not be playing himself, and viewers are allowed to decide the profile he uses. Exciting.

Channel 4

Also appearing this year will be Zoe Ball and Fat Boy Slim's 18-year-old son Woody, who will apparently not be revealing who his famous parents are.

The list of contestants also includes 58-year-old university academic and animator Tim, who says he is a cross between Santa and Mrs Doubtfire (amazing), 26-year-old James, who will be playing as a single Mum, and 43-year-old Katie, who will be playing as her 25-year-old son Jay.

When is The Circle on?

The Circle kicked off yesterday on Channel 4, but will continue every night for three weeks, so there's plenty to get stuck into.

How can you apply for The Circle?

Unfortunately, as the series has already started, applications for the UK show have now closed, as have those in the U.S (yes, the show has now also picked up a slot on Netflix). However, if you really want to get onto the show, you can always apply for the French or Brazilian editions, which are still accepting applicants. In your application, it's best to include a video where you speak about yourself, reveal why you want to be on The Circle, and talk about what your game plan would be to win.