Here's How To Apply To 'Forever Home' So The 'Property Brothers' Can Makeover Your House


If you've flipped on HGTV at any point this decade, you're probably well acquainted with Drew and Jonathan Scott. The Canadian twins are real estate pros, tackling everything from renovations and interior design to the nitty gritty business of actually buying and selling homes. Though The Property Brothers was the twins' first television show, it's led to plenty of spinoffs, and the newest one is just around the corner. If you think your humble abode might be the perfect project for them, you're in luck: it's pretty easy to apply to Property Brothers: Forever Home.

First, you'll have to determine if your situation actually fits the premise of the show. We'd all like to invite Drew and Jonathan over for dinner, but turns out, you have to actually qualify and fit with what they're trying to do. According to the application, Forever Home's ideal candidates "aren’t looking to flip their property or make a quick buck. They know their house is 'the one' and want to grow old together but just haven't been able to put those 'forever home' design plans into action."

Another tiny detail? You have to be located in the Greater Toronto Area, specifically in the Etobicoke, Mississauga, or North York neighborhoods. Sorry, fellow American viewers. It is not our time to shine.

If you're fortunate enough to be located in those neighborhoods, congrats! The rest of us are so happy for you and not at all incredibly jealous. But still, there are a few other qualifications you'll need to meet before the Scott brothers invade your home.

You have to have a renovation and design budget of at least $100,000, plus an additional 25% contingency "for emergency renovation work." That 25% is returned if it doesn't need to be used by the end. Your home must also have at least three to four spaces that need overhauled — they're not coming all the way out there just to touch up an entryway!

Additionally, participants must be ready and willing to move out of their house for the duration of the renovation, which the application estimates is about five to seven weeks. You must be available for about seven days of shooting over that five to seven week period. And perhaps most importantly, you must "be fun and energetic! We want people who are excited to be on the show!" You also can't do this whole thing alone — the show requires a "sidekick," and it can be anyone from a spouse or partner to a friend who's volunteered to help you out.

The application itself asks questions about the details of your home — when it was built, how many levels, bedrooms, and bathrooms it has — as well as more sentimental questions like what you love about your home and your neighborhood.

In an article on HGTV Canada's site, Drew encourages even those who might not be comfortable on camera to apply. "If you've watched our shows, you'll know that we do everything we can to make the process fun and stress-free," he said. "The best advice is to just be yourself and have fun. Often, by the final day of filming, our homeowners are so comfortable on camera that they're ready for their own shows."

And there you have it! If this sounds like an opportunity you'd like to take advantage of, that's all you need to know. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky few, and Jonathan and Drew will leave you with your true forever home.