Here's Where You Can Buy 'Project Runway' Finalist Hester's Signature Looks

Barbara Nitke/Bravo

You don't have to wait for the Project Runway winner to be crowned to start investing in some pieces from one of the Top 3. Even if she doesn't win on Thursday, you can buy Hester Sunshine's Project Runway clothes right now, and more are likely to be hitting her store soon. Hester's brand is called Sunshine By Hester, and her available collection includes many things she wore herself throughout the competition.

Right now, all that's available in her shop are accessories. (Accessory design is one of her specialties, according to her online portfolio.) One of Hester's signatures on the show was her embroidered berets. She didn't send any down the runway, but she was frequently wearing them herself in interviews and in the workroom. She has a ton of designs to choose from on her site, and most of them have different phrases on the top and bottom so you can choose which you want to show off to match your mood. Examples include "sashay away/shantay you stay," "love is cute/love is dumb," "somebunny loves you/somebunny hates you," "plz die/cutie pie," etc. They retail from $35 to $55 and are in stock to buy now.

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

You can also usually buy several different colors of Hester's signature scarves. Those retail for $25 each, although all the colors are currently sold out. Hopefully she'll restock soon, so keep checking back.

As for actual Hester clothing items, Nineteenth Amendment is manufacturing all the contestants' t-shirts for the causes they cared about (from back in Episode 10). Hester made a black crop top that said "Its OK to Be totally Gay" and "GAY AS F" on the front, alongside her smiling pumpkin flower logo. The back of the shirt says, "#OK2BGAY" with a little pink heart. You can buy this shirt in women's or men's sizes for $35 and $45 respectively. They take four-six weeks to be printed, because they're made to order.

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Hester also recently held a mini-collection pre-sale of some of her signature outfits, but the sale ended in April. However, that bodes well for future mini-collections also being sold on her site, so be sure to keep checking back on her site and stay up to date on her Instagram so you don't miss the next pre-sale. She also hinted on Instagram that she's going to making purses soon, too.

"Once an accessory designer always an accessory designer! Deff going into production on some of these bags...what are your faves?!" she wrote in the caption for the below picture.

If Hester wins Project Runway, she'll get $250,000, a fashion feature in Elle magazine, $50,000 for their own design studio, and a mentorship with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. With all of those resources she may be able to design even more clothing and accessories to sell to all of her fans.

But, even if she doesn't win, it seems like she's jump starting her fashion line already with hats, scarves, purses, and capsule collections. If you're a fan of her style, you'll definitely want to follow her website and social media channels so you don't miss what she has coming next. Whatever it is is sure to be a little cute and a little sassy, just like Hester herself.