All The Ralph Lauren x Rachel Green Collection Looks You Can Actually Buy In The UK

'Friends'/Warner Bros/Netflix

It might be 15 years since the last episode aired back in September 2004, but the Friends mania still remains strong. First there was a Friends festival, then a Central Perk style café in Manchester, and now we have a Rachel Green-inspired clothing collection. Finally we can dress like our fave fashion gal who served as one of the ultimate '90s and '00s style icons. The collection is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Friends and paying homage to Green, who worked at Ralph Lauren on the show. So here's how to buy the Rachel-inspired Ralph Lauren collection in the UK, because who wouldn't want to steal her style?

So, I have good and bad news. The good news is that some of the collection is available to UK customers online. The bad news is that a few key pieces appear to be missing. If you check out the UK site versus the U.S. one, there's a bit of a difference. On the UK site, for example, the much-talked-about Leopard-Print Haircalf Coat is no where to be seen. The Pleated Lambskin Miniskirt seems to be missing also, among other items. Cry.

However, all is not lost, as the UK offerings are gorgeous — more than enough to seduce Kenny the copy guy, at the very least. Prices are a little on the expensive side, ranging from £75 to £849, but the quality of this line is worth the investment.

Ralph Lauren

The UK line features turtlenecks, tailoring, and a-line skirts. Very Rachel-during-her-first-year-at-Bloomingdales. And that would make sense, as Glamour UK reports that Ralph Lauren actually teamed up with Bloomingdales in the U.S. to create the soon-to-be iconic collection.

Below are a few pieces I spied that will be perfect for your AW19 wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren

The collection as a whole is named 'Ralph Lauren x Friends' and also features some mens pieces, including a cable knit cashmere sweater (a style both Ross and Joey sported on a few occasions) and a very dapper tuxedo (think The One Where No One's Ready).