If You Want Trump Impeached, You Can Call Your Congress Members

Scott Eisen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Following several controversies over the past few weeks, there have been some renewed calls for Trump's impeachment. Calling for a president's impeachment is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. However, if you have indeed reached the decision that you want Trump impeached, here's how to call your Congress member to make your voice heard.

According to The Independent, more Americans now support Trump's impeachment than oppose it. A new poll released by Public Policy Polling found that 48 percent supported impeachment, while 41 percent opposed it. The poll was conducted following Trump's controversial firing of former FBI director James Comey, but before Trump's more recent alleged disclosure of highly classified information to Russian diplomats. White House National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, however, said the info Trump shared with Russia was "wholly appropriate."

In light of these two recent controversies, some members of the public as well as some members of Congress have become increasingly vocal about wanting to begin the process for impeaching Trump. For example, Rep. Al Green, a Democrat from Texas, recently called for Trump's impeachment, making the claim that Trump's firing of Comey constituted " ... an act for which he should be charged by the U.S. House of Representatives."

However, on the flip side, other Democrats have been more skeptical to use the word impeachment. For example, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar recently told BuzzFeed News that, in lieu of focusing on impeachment right now, “I think you have to look at all the evidence ... I think right now the focus should be on getting the evidence and getting a special prosecutor appointed.”

If you have decided that you believe Trump should be impeached, you can contact your member of Congress to request that they begin impeachment proceedings. If you do not already know the name of your house representative and your senators, you can look them up here and here, respectively. If you do already know their names, you can use this helpful Google Doc compiled by the organization "The 65" to quickly and directly access their contact information.

The organization Global Citizen recommends that, in order to have maximum impact, you should call your Congress member's district office number as opposed to their D.C. office number, since district offices are usually more robustly staffed and have more time for calls (though you can certainly also call the D.C. office in addition to the district office). Of course, for senators you must call their D.C. offices, as Senators represent the entire state and do not have district offices.

Furthermore, Global Citizen recommends writing down a few sentences ahead of the call to help you clearly articulate why you are calling and what you desire from your elected representative. Finally, they also strongly recommend stating your name and zip code to give the member a sense of how their constituency feels about a given issue. Also, remember that in addition to calling your representative or senator, you can also email them or leave messages for them via social media as an alternative or additional way of making your position known.

Overall, if you believe that Trump should be impeached (or if you do not), there are several quick and easy ways to share your views with your member of Congress. A potential presidential impeachment is certainly a very serious issue and it is important to make your voice heard, however you feel about the matter.