How To Celebrate Father's Day This Year

by Kiersten Hickman

You could plan a huge adventure to celebrate Father’s Day 2017 this year... or you could give your dad what he really wants: A day off. Sure, having a huge party or going out to eat are still great ways to celebrate a person you love, but for a dad, sometimes they just want time for themselves. I mean, how often does your dad get the chance to sleep, eat whatever he wants, read the whole newspaper, and actually watch whatever he wants on TV? Probably not often — which is why this Father’s Day, you should let him indulge in all of the things he loves to do.

Now, I know as I was putting this together that every father is different. I know some dads aren’t big fans of grilling or television, but I grew up with a father who is into all of these things. When he gets a day off he loves to sleep in, sit on the deck reading the entire New York Times with a cup of coffee, grill up some delicious food, and watch his favorite soccer games or Dancing with the Stars. (Sorry Dad, cat’s out of the bag, you’re a huge fan and you know it. _If your Dad has very different interests (not just Dancing with the Stars, obviously), then brainstorm a few ways to splurge on him this upcoming Father’s Day. It's all about tailoring his Father's Day celebration to his interests!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Let Him Sleep In

If your Dad is the hard-working type, than he deserves some time to sleep in. If he refuses to stay in bed, just bring him his coffee, breakfast, and even the morning newspaper right to his bedside table.

Treat Him To Dinner

Treat him on Father’s Day to the stuff he likes — whether that's a dinner out at his favorite restaurant, or that grocery store sushi that is actually inexplicably great.

Give Him Some Time To Read

How often does Dad have time to read? Probably not that often! Why not take on a few of his responsibilities for the day and let him read out on the deck.

Let Him Hog The Remote

How many times have you taken the remote from your dad and switched it to your favorite show that he totally hates? Maybe he will grumble at first, but he’s your dad and doesn't get too mad. But Father’s Day, just let him have the remote!

Splurge On Him

Is your dad talking nonstop about that new bluetooth speaker or headphones he has been dying to get? How about a pair of sunglasses after you sat on his the other day on the couch? Splurge on him a little bit! Get him a gift that will show that you love him and want him to indulge a little bit.

Tell Him How Much He Means To You

If you and your father have a great relationship, then there’s no other time but Father’s Day to tell him how much that relationship means to you. If verbal communication is hard, why not write him a letter or something in a card? A letter can be cherished by him forever, and gives him the chance to cry alone (if he’s not the crying-in-public type, that is).

Share Your Favorite Memory With Him

Was there a certain moment with your dad that stands out in your life? Share that with him! Parents love to hear all about the times that their children enjoyed while they were parenting — it makes them feel like they did something right!

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