How To Celebrate National Cheese Lover's Day
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Has someone ever told you that they don't like cheese? Probably not. That's why, unless you're lactose intolerant, you'll likely be looking for fun ways to celebrate National Cheese Lover's Day on Jan. 20 this year. You're probably thinking, "Uh — I celebrate this unofficially every day," and you're not alone. But since it's one of the best holidays of all time, it's worth observing extra hard when it comes by.

While there's technically around 18 other holidays throughout the year that celebrate the greatness that is cheese, this one is pretty darn special. Why? Well, it sums up cheese as a whole. I mean, while I still love National Grilled Cheese Day (which is on April 12, by the way) National Cheese Lover's Day just inspires learning and deep appreciation, and not just snacking and eating.

Don't get me wrong. There'll be a lot of snacking and eating going on during National Cheese Lover's Day.

But, there's more to discover on the day itself. If you were ever thinking about learning more about cheese (or hey, even wine and cheese pairings if you want an excuse to add a little booze) there's no day better than National Cheese Lover's Day.

Here are just a few of the fun ways you can celebrate.


Host A Wine And Cheese Pairing

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This was just mentioned above — and the reason it clocks in first is probably because it's one of the most fun suggestions. (Even though anything at all involving cheese is definitely fun.) Since the holiday falls on a Friday this year, it's the perfect excuse to invite your friends over. Have some of them bring wine, have others bring cheese, and challenge your taste buds.

Of course, you can look up famous pairings on the internet — for example, cheddar is said to go quite well with a Cabernet Sauvignon. But sometimes, discovering these things yourself is just the best way to go.


Buy Some Cheesy Gear

Make your love of cheese well known. Etsy is perfect for some creative cheese-related merch. If your ears are pierced, you're definitely in luck — cheese earrings, like the ones above from PoppyKittenDesigns, are the perfect subtle, work-appropriate way to show your love of the product.


Take A Poll At Work To Find Out Which Cheddar Is Better

Did you know that cheese could be the main focus of a team building exercise? Since you're likely working during the holiday, might as well make it fun — bring some cheddar into work, label it, and see what kind gets the most attention. Do your coworkers prefer mild? Or are they more into extra-sharp? Obviously you can also turn this into a blind taste test, especially if things are really slow in the office.


Try To Create Your Own Cheese Board

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Be inspired by reality cooking shows, and test out your plating skills. A cheese plate or cheese board is the perfect appetizer for a fun home dinner, so might as well buy some cheese and show your family what you're made of. Perhaps you'll be the next contestant on Chopped with your untapped plating talents. Who knows?


Or If You're Feeling Courageous, Try Making Your Own Cheese

The best cheese ever is the one you make at home. Why? Well, because it includes a lot of love. (Aww.) Cheese making is all about coagulation, and the more you practice, the better you'll get. Some cheeses are good for beginners, while others may need some harder-to-find ingredients (and a lot of time) to get right.

If you'd feel better with a set of instructions and the materials right at your hand, there's a bunch of kits you can buy to help you get started — for example, a supply kit from New England Cheesemaking Supply Company will get you started for only around $30.


Book Tickets For A Cheese Festival

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You might be lucky and find something local, or you may find the perfect event a state or two over. Cheese is the perfect reason to travel. While these festivals will likely happen later in the year — as October and November seem to be big cheese months — making plans today is a solid way to celebrate.

A few big festivals that you might want to look up include the Colorado Cheese Festival, the Pennsylvania Apple & Cheese Festival, and the Finger Lakes Cheese Festival. What better place to be than surrounded by fellow fans?


Perfect Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich Game

Do you even need a reason why? If you think about it, this sandwich is ideal for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. (More the latter than the former, but I totally wouldn't judge you if you made a breakfast grilled cheese. It sounds like a solid start to the morning, really.) Make sure to find the best tomato soup to pair it with.


Cook Up The Most Daring Cheese-Based Recipe You Can Find

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Not all recipes are winners, but if it includes cheese, it's definitely ahead of the game. Last year, Mashable wrote about a cheese banana recipe that was discovered from a '70s cookbook. To me, that sounds like it might just be the perfect start.


Join A Cheese-Based Meetup

Yes, they exist. And yes, you should feel incredible about joining one. There's "Casual Cheese" in New York, "Bay Area Cheese Tasting Meetup" in California, and "Lovers of Artisan Cheese" in Maryland — and that's just a few. If you can't find a group locally to you, consider starting one up. There's a good chance you'll see membership rise pretty quickly.


Make A Point To Share Some Cheesy Photographs On Instagram

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Say cheese, and take a picture of your cheese. The best way to promote cheese awareness is through social media. Food pictures are always a lot of fun, and by giving the spotlight to your favorite brie or Stilton, you'll be spreading the love.