How To Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

There's somewhat of a lull in "party" holidays in February once Valentine's Day passes us by — but thankfully, February 18th is designated to celebrate National Drink Wine Day, and it's definitely the perfect time to grab some cheap white and red and toast to semi-surviving the winter. (Having it fall on a Saturday this year also doesn't hurt.)

First, a little background. National Drink Wine Day has been set aside to celebrate the greatness of wine to your taste buds, and the benefits of wine to your health. It's rare for a beverage to pair so well with meats and seafood, and simultaneously help prevent heart disease — so, you should definitely give cheers to its glorious existence.

According to its website, the day was founded by a gentleman named Todd McCalla. Getting its start in 2011, the day is still very new, but by spreading awareness, people all over the globe can find a new reason to pour some Pinot Grigio.

However, since it is new (as in, you may have wine bottles stored away that are much older than the holiday itself) you might be a little confused on how to celebrate. Really, it's up to you — there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to celebrating wine, especially when you're doing that celebrating during the weekend. Here are a few suggestions in order to help you get started.


Purchase A Wine With The Best Label

It sounds like an amateur plan, sure — but really, it's how a lot of us end up finding new wines. There's nothing wrong with getting a wine for a funny name, or because it has a funny looking cat on the label. (Surprisingly, a lot of wines have cats on the label. So, cat fans might want to bring a bunch of cash to their local store.)


Host A Wine Tasting At Home

Again, it's Saturday — the perfect time to hold a party. Throw in some cheese and chocolate and other wine-appropriate apps, and you're raring to go.


Travel To Your Local Winery Or Vineyard

You might have a winery closer to you than you realize — our dear friend Google will help you figure that out for sure. If weather won't hold you back, it's the perfect way to spend a nice little Saturday.

And, speaking of winter weather, remember that wine helps keep you toasty. (Just make sure, of course, not to imbibe if you're the one driving. National Drink Wine Day isn't an excuse to shelf common sense.)


Plan A Dinner At Home That Incorporates Wine In The Recipe

If you save your good wines for drinking, and your weird, non-alcoholic wines for cooking, perhaps use the night to try and cook a nice dinner that calls for wine. Treat yourself — you've had a hard week.


Invest In A Wine-Making Kit

You knew that you could brew your own beer at home, but uh — what about wine? BoxLunch sells a Chardonnay Kit for $56, and UncommonGoods is currently selling a Merlot Kit for just a few dollars more. It's definitely a good investment. And hey — every wine you make will taste amazing, since it's got a little dash of love. (Aww.)


Take A Wine Blending Course

Wine blending is exactly what it sounds like — combining two wines together to make a better wine. Who knows? You could have been having a way better wine experience in your own home this entire time, with wines you already own.

This class is pretty much the equivalent to chemistry, if you think long and hard about it. So, enroll if you've got a parent who's still bugging you for not "majoring in a science."


Consider Investing In A Few Higher-Level Wine Education Courses

There's more to wine than blending. In fact, learning about wine can be an incredible hobby that makes a lot of aspects in your life a little better. With a little bit of education, you'll be able to help friends plan the perfect dinner party, and also know where the real discounts are everytime you go shopping for wine. With a local class or two, you can truly be better informed for National Drink Wine Day 2018.


Learn How To Properly Taste Wine

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to wine. While you don't always have to drink it properly (you know — swirling it, smelling it, and sipping it) you should probably know why these steps are often important. It's also probably time for you to learn what the proper portion size is. Sadly, it's not "however big the glass is."


Buy A Decent Bottle Of Wine For Your Parents

You know why? Since they deserve it. Plus, holidays are best when they're shared with the people you love. If your parents have problems spending money on fancier alcohols (if they do, indeed, drink) a nice little gift would surely make their day. Plus, it's a wonderful and selfless way to celebrate.