How To Celebrate National Gluten-Free Day

by Kiersten Hickman

Whether you're gluten-free or not, celebrating National Gluten-Free Day on Jan. 13 is still a possibility you should explore — and kind of the whole point to why this day was coined in the first place. National Gluten-Free Day was first organized in 2014, according to Fed & Fit, in order to bring awareness to the community on the upsides (and hardships) of a gluten-free diet. So if you plan on dedicating the day to understanding this lifestyle, here’s how to celebrate National Gluten Free-Day.

First, though, it's important understand what a gluten-free diet really is. Gluten is a name for the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, triticale, and oats. These proteins are what holds products in their form — products such as bread, baked goods, pasta, cereals, and more. Also, barley is an essential ingredient for beer, which is why gluten-free dieters stay away from it. Although gluten-free dieting has become a stylish eating habit, it is critical for those who have celiac disease to stay away from gluten because it’s an autoimmune disease that actually damages the smaller intestine when gluten is consumed.

So whether you are gluten-free or not, bringing awareness to this dieting lifestyle is important in respecting those around you who are – so here are some ways to celebrate National Gluten-Free Day.

Get Educated

Obviously my few sentences on understanding the gluten-free lifestyle barely skims the surface on all of the scientific research that has been done on this topic. So why not take a few moments to read up on it? If you’re feeling ambitious, give Gluten Exposed by Dr. Peter H.R. Green a read — it'll walk you through the truths and the lies about gluten-free living.

Eat Gluten-Free Foods

One of the most successful ways to bring awareness to a gluten-free diet is to actually experience it yourself. Try one of these gluten-free crockpot recipes, or, if you’re feeling extra courageous, attempt to make gluten-free cookies!

Share It On Social Media

If it’s not on Instagram or Facebook, it didn’t happen, right? Share how you’re celebrating the day by posting it by tagging #NationalGlutenFreeDay!

Get Your Squad In On It

What better way to share all of the food you just made by enjoying it with friends? Awareness is spread when there’s more people bringing the conversation to the surface — so have your friends join in on the festivities!

Take A Look Through Your Pantry

You would be extremely surprised to find out how often wheat is in every day products that you consume. Take a look at the nutritional facts of the food you already own! It will give you an even heftier grasp on how often wheat is used, and the struggles of the gluten-free lifestyle.

Recognize Your Gluten-Free Friends

With that knowledge in mind, is there someone in your life who is gluten-free? Give them a call and let them know about your experiments for the day – and to also hear about their stories on being gluten-free. I mean, saying no to a beautiful doughnut is never easy…so let them know that you’re finally starting to get a glimpse of the frustrations they experience on a daily basis.