How To Celebrate National Soup Month Right

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Campbell Soup Company

Some national months are more exciting than others. I mean, National Celery Month and National Wild Rice Month don't exactly garner as much interest as something like National Soup Month. That's right folks: there is a National Soup Month and it's happening in Jan., aka it's happening literally right now, and yes, I will hang on while you go make some soup to celebrate. (I recommend chicken noodle, a classic for good reason!)

That said, you're going to want to start thinking of ways to celebrate everyone's favorite winter meal because you're going to need enough recipes to feed you all month long. And, if we're being honest, you're probably going to make it last all winter, because when you're too tired to cook and you're freezing, there's really nothing better than a bowl of soup. I dare you to disagree.

To start National Soup Month 2017 off right, Campbell Soup did a survey all about soup, and found a few interesting facts you might not have considered about the meal. For example, did you know that 64 percent of millennials love soup? OK, maybe you could have guessed that. But what about this: did you know that 48 percent of polled millennials have served canned soup at a dinner party and pretended that it was homemade? And of that poll, 36 percent of the deceiving dinner hosts were men? Just some fun facts for your National Soup Month party. Here are some other ways to celebrate this wonderful month:

Make Your Favorite Soup From Scratch

Are you obsessed with matzo ball soup but only ever get it from a restaurant or deli? Check out some recipes and make it for yourself. If you make a big pot, you can enjoy it for days.

Try A Soup From Another Country

There are so many different kinds of soup and they vary so much from place to place. Try out a soup from another culture by following an international recipe and making it yourself.

Have A Soup Pot Luck

Have a dinner party in which each person brings over a different kind of soup. This way you can have a tasting party!

Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

It's always a good time to volunteer. People in need this winter season rely on warm meals for not only sustenance but comfort.

Go To See The Campbell Soup Cans

Head over to MoMA and check out Andy Warhol's famous Campbell Soup Cans in person!

Bring Soup To Work

Instead of coffee, fill your thermos up with soup and bring it to work for lunch. It will save money and feel like just the mid-day hug you didn't know you needed.

Make A Boozy Soup

Yes, that's a real thing! If you're of legal drinking age, mull some wine by cooking it on the stove and adding in some fresh fruit to enhance its flavor and texture.

Try A Wacky Flavor

You know that soup flavor that some football player "made" that sounds way too obscure to taste good? Give it a try! Some of those flavors are way more delicious and protein-packed than they sound.

Create Your Own Soup

Play around with some recipes and find your own groove in the kitchen. You can play with different kinds of broths, vegetables, grains, noodles and meats. There are no rules! Just keep playing until you find something that works for you! Don't forget herbs and spices!