How To Change Your Facebook Profile Picture To A Red X For Shine A Light On Slavery Day

End It Movement

On Thursday, Feb. 23, Facebook users may notice red Xs appearing on their feed. It's part of a movement to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery; created by the nonprofit End It Movement, today is known as Shine A Light On Slavery Day. Wondering how to change your profile picture to a red X for Shine A Light On Slavery Day? Taking a moment to support this worthy cause on social media is quick and easy — and it could make a big impact in the lives of millions of victims of human trafficking.

The Shine A Light On Slavery Day campaign was started five years ago by the End It Movement to encourage people to speak out for freedom and raise awareness and aid for those in need. While it may be notoriously difficult to spot, the human trafficking trade is still very much alive and well. In 2012 the International Labour Organization released data showing that 21 million people have fallen victim to forced sex and labor trafficking around the world — with 1.5 million in North American alone. The numbers have only grown over the years, prompting Senator Bob Corker to introduce the End Modern Slavery Initiative in 2015, with a hearing having been held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just last week.

Facebook profile photos have become an important part of social media activism — a platform to convey messages of solidarity or raise awareness. Of course, it's important to fight back offline as well, by donating money, time, skills, or anything else you have to give; however joining Thursday's campaign with a strong statement across social media platforms is a good first step.

Here's how to change your profile picture to stand against human trafficking:

1. Visit The End It Movement Website

ENDITMovement on YouTube

You can visit the End It Movement website for detailed information on how to join the fight against modern-day slavery. For official downloadable logos, click on "resources" in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. In addition to information on how to stand with them on social media, you can read stories and watch videos from anti-trafficking activists and check out how to give online, become a campus rep and organize events in your community, and learn how to support political actions to fight slavery.

2. Download The End It Movement Digital Tool Kit For Facebook Image Options...

End It Movement

Click the far right option to "Download the digital tool kit" and you will receive a file containing red X images sized for facebook profile photos and banners, as well as similar images for Twitter and Instagram. Select the image that you want to use as your profile photo.

3. ...Or, Mark An X On Your Hand And Take A Selfie

For a personal touch, use a red marker or lipstick to draw an X on your hand. Take a selfie with the defiant mark to promote the movement.

4. Post Your Pics To Social Media With The Hashtag #ENDITMOVEMENT

Go to Facebook and click on your current profile photo to update the image. Upload the red X image or selfie to your profile — and be sure to use the official hashtag #ENDITMOVEMENT when posting!