How To Choose The Best Underwear For You

Not all underwear is created equal, but it’s not just me (Maria, self-proclaimed lingerie addict and extreme lace enthusiast) saying that. Specialists and doctors have a whole lot of insights to share about choosing the best underwear for yourself, too. That's why I got in touch with Dr. Drai, Board-Certified OBGYN and Sexual Health Advisor for Astroglide TTC. He was more than willing to talk about the underwear mistakes that could be leading to tons of annoyances down under, and according to this OBGYN, if you tend to buy your underwear all willy-nilly (and potentially frilly), you might run into a few issues.

It turns out that when you go shopping for a new pair of underwear, size and style aren’t the only two things you should be looking at. Fabric is also particularly important, as well as your intended purpose for your new underwear. The pair you work out in should not be the pair you sleep in, and the pair that you go out in (if it’s a tight and confining thong that looks much better than it feels) probably shouldn’t be worn for more than a few hours at a time. Here are the most common underwear-related health problems, as well as the right pair you can wear, in order to fix them.