How To Get A Simple & Effective All-Natural Lip Stain With Just Kitchen Ingredients

Marc Bordons/Stocksy

A lip stain is distinctly different from any other lip product. Longer lasting than a lipstick, and more highly pigmented than a gloss, lip stains are ideal for all night partying or occasions where constant top ups just aren't an option. The great thing about lip stains is that they're pretty easy to obtain. You can buy them, of course, and there are some awesome options out there (I've popped in three below), but you can also easily make them. Here's how to create a lip stain at home, from following a recipe, to using alternative makeup products and mixing things up.

First up, I love multi-use products that can be applied in multiple areas, and lip stains are very adaptable in this way. An easy way to make more of a "stain" consistency for lips, is to mix a lip balm with a waxy lip pencil or eyeshadow. This creates a spreadable texture, but one that will last and provide high pigment and impressive colour pay off.

Another way to easily make a lip stain is to follow a recipe and make one at home. Free People's simple recipe is easy to follow and requires only a few ingredients you may already have: all you need is five raspberries, five blackberries, and one teaspoon olive oil. The technique is super simple, beginning with mixing the raspberries and blackberries, crushing them down to release the juice effectively. Then, you need to add in the oil and mix everything together. Using a fork, drain the mixture to get out the liquid, and leave the chunks and seeds behind. After this, you can use your tint then and there, and for up to a week afterwards. Simply store it in the fridge to make it last as long as possible.

Our American cousins across the pond are also lucky enough to have access to Kool-Aid, a flavoured drink which can be used to make an at-home lip stain. All you have to do with it is take some Kool-Aid powder and add a little water to it, before applying it to lips! Pretty genius. While we can't get Kool-Aid over here, it's worth trying if you're heading over Stateside, or even trying to bring some back to give it a go back here.

If this all sounds like a bit of a faff, you could always go down the traditional route and buy a lip stain. Here are three of my favourite formulations: