6 Peel Off Lip Stains That Actually Work

Rainbow hued non-permanent hair colors, contouring makeup that changes the look of your entire face, and nail stickers that take polish out of the equation are just a few of the beauty advancements we’ve seen in recent years. Peel off lip stains that actually work are a thing now, along with peel off brow tint too.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, remember The Jetsons ’ “Morning Mask” scene where Jane Jetson literally puts on her “face?” It’s kind of like that, but not quite as futuristic. Yet. Give it another five to ten years and I’m sure some beauty genius will have figured out a way to create a full face of peel off makeup. So, peel off lip stains are applied onto the lips and look like a super shiny (and sticky) lip gloss. After waiting a while — the wait time seems to differ between brands — the glossy substance dries and can be peeled off the lips. Once peeled away, the lips should have a coating similar to a lip stain; they should appear to have a pretty hint of all-over color.

Of course, some folks have tried DIY-ing their own peel off lip stains, including some brave Bustlers. But, if you want to ensure your peel off lip stain will definitely do its job, here are the best peel off lip stains that actually work, according to a bunch of beauty YouTubers.

1. Berrisom Peel Off Lipstick

During this rad video, beauty YouTubers Michelle Phan and Promise Tamang Phan try out Berrisom Peel Off Lipstick. Somewhat alarmingly, they discuss the rumour that the paint used in the lip stain is the same as glass paint, which doesn't sound so good. But, you never can trust the rumour mill, it doesn't seem to cause these gals any issues, and it works!

Berrisom Peel Off Lipstick, $6, Amazon

2. Monomola Peel Off Lip Stain

According to this YouTuber, this cute lip stain lasts all day and is kiss-proof too! It's also fairly reasonable at about $10 a tube for the "Sexy Red" shade.

Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color, $5, Amazon

3. Cailyn Cosmetics Cocoon Lip Stain

Cocoon Lip Stain, $17, Amazon

Although this particular peel is a tad pricey and it takes a few applications, its rad orange shade seems worth the wait and the money. Plus, YouTuber grav3yardgirl says her lips felt, "incredibly soft," afterwards as if she'd done a lip exfoliant treatment — which is always a bonus! If orange isn't the hue for you, there are a bunch of other colors in the same line.

4. Kurious Natural Lip Tattoo

Kurious Natural Lip Tattoo, $16, Amazon

According to this YouTuber, the Kurious Natural Lip Tattoo in "Shy Pink" doesn't taste so great, but as you can see from the video, it definitely does the job!

5. 7 Romantic Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack

This YouTuber trials the 7 Romantic Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack and although she can't see any directions on how to apply the product, it still works and comes off looking like a regular lip tint. Pretty neat, huh?

6. Romantic Bear Wow Peel Off Lip Stain

IMO, these Romantic Bear Wow Korean lip stains are awesome. The "Rose Pink" shade looks particularly impressive, although it appears nothing like the hue that the YouTuber applies straight from the tube. But, the finished look is divine and pigmented — in fact all of the shades look super pigmented. However, the blogger points out that since you apply it straight from the tube, it's tricky to apply and get an even coat, plus they take 15 to 20 minutes to dry. At just $8.98 for a pack of six colors (at the time of writing) I think these are the best of the bunch in terms of color, pigmentation, and price.

So if peel off lip stains tickle your fancy, pick your favorite shade, brand, or price point and get experimenting with peel off beauty ASAP. Welcome to the 21st century!

Image: ZsjaZsjaLIVE! /YouTube