How To Deal With Stress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Alli Hoff Kosik

When the world feels like it's a little too much to bear, everyone has their own methods for dealing with the stress. Some prefer alone time, while others find nothing less relaxing than quiet. Getting active is absolutely necessary for some, but others hear the couch calling their name even more loudly in times of stress. And then there are the moments, of course, when it's hard to say what will solve your freak-out. At times like that, I suggest looking to the stars, because basing the best way to deal with stress on your zodiac sign could be key in helping you nail down the best self-care routine for yourself possible.

Even if you're an astrology hater, I'm pretty sure you'll be open to the suggestions I'm about offer. After all, don't we need all the help we can get when it comes to stress relief? And hey, if there's anyone who knows me better than I know myself, it's probably Cafe Astrology.

If the stress relief strategy suggested for your sign doesn't seem 100 percent spot-on, I urge you to give it a try, anyway. What's the harm in experimenting? Every little bit of angst you can work out will make you a much happier you, so while you're at it, you might want to try all of these ideas, regardless of when you were born.


It's been pretty well-documented that getting a little artistic and working with your hands is a great way to relieve stress — and since you probably already have some creative tendencies, Aquarius, you might as well tap into them and cut back on your anxieties while you're at it! We can't all be Bob Ross (wouldn't it be a perfect world if we could?), but the least we can do is try.


Pisces are typically on the sensitive, intuitive, dreamy side, so if this is your sign, you might find that putting your thoughts on paper is a great way to work through your feelings and make sense of the craziness in your head. You may even end up with a great short story while you're at it.


Energetic, independent, trailblazing (please excuse the pun that's just around the corner) Aries will do well to hit the actual trail if they're feeling a little stressy. Don't live near any mountains or hiking paths? Find a hilly part of your neighborhood, or hit the gym and crank up the incline on your trusty treadmill. Being active is key.


Taurus, if you find that physically working out your aggression is one of the only ways for you to effectively neutralize your stress, I'm not exactly surprised. If my research is correct (and I'd pretty much trust Cafe Astrology with anything), you, my friend, are a physical, stubborn, somewhat intense person — which is totally cool, as long as you can figure out how to channel it properly. Consider taking a boxing class or testing out the punching bag at the gym next time you're feeling like the world is too much for you to handle.


Just like the twins that symbolize your star sign, you might have two different personalities (I'm sure both of them are great, but you just may be a little unpredictable. The thing you'll want to avoid in the midst of stress is saying or doing something you'll regret. Opt to take some time alone so you can work things out for yourself — and your second personality — before you lose your cool.


You're pretty quiet, Cancer, and you may even have a tendency to be defensive when you get upset. It's probably best for you take some time to be alone when you're stressed, but I'd suggest tuning in to your favorite podcast or playlist so you don't stew too much in your own thoughts.


King of the jungle or hostess with the mostess? Leos are great at welcoming people into their homes and at being generally social. Inviting a few of your favorite people over might be the perfect distraction from whatever is bringing you down. Venting to friends, watching a movie, and snacking on cocktail weenies — can you think of a better way to decompress?


For analytical, reserved Virgos, a crossword puzzle is the ideal solution to stressful times — and as a Virgo myself, I can totally vouch for this strategy! Crossword puzzles (or any other word or logic game) give you something else to focus on, and by the time you finish it — which you will, duh — you'll be able to tackle whatever's bugging you a lot more effectively.


If life is just a little too much for you to handle lately, Libra, call up a friend and make a coffee date. You're probably pretty social, and you feel better being around people. You also prefer when things shake out in a way that feels fair, so talking with a close pal one-on-one will make it easier for you to figure out how to achieve the kind of balance that will ease your stress in a difficult situation.


Making awesome slime isn't just for kids (although kids do look really cool doing it in their YouTube videos). Working on a hands-on project like this is a great stress-reliever for anyone, but especially Scorpios, who are often resourceful, focused, and passionate. Any craft or DIY undertaking will do the trick!


Restless, adventurous Sagittarius, take your stress to the streets with a nice, long run. Strap on those sneakers and work out your worries in an intense sweat session.


While retail therapy can be dangerous for many of us (aka, me), Capricorns can be trusted with this kind of stress relief, thanks to their conservative and disciplined personalities. Treating yourself to something — even if it's just a candle or your favorite cookie — will take the edge off your concerns, and you probably wont' be tempted to overdo it.