How To Pop Your Roots Billie Eilish Style


Hair trends come and go, and in 2020, things seem to be getting bolder and brighter as the months go on. Case in point: the new colour pop root trend that seems to be taking centre stage, largely in thanks to beloved U.S. singer Billie Eilish. Here's everything you need to know about the wild new hair trend, including how to get colour pop root hair at the salon.

Colour pop roots have undeniably hit popularity thanks to the likes of Eilish, whose vibrant neon green locks are hard to miss. But is the look one you should try in real life? Marley Xavier, Master Colourist at Josh Wood, seems to think so. "This is an exciting, dynamic way of placing colour for high impact (and visibility) without committing to colouring your hair root to tip," he explains. "I love that it has a modern grungy feel, you can make so many looks out of it and it’s perfect for Spring/Summer."

If you fancy getting this look, I'll be honest: it's not one you can create at home with ease. "This look requires skill, and experience with an eye for detail, usually involving bleach and the use of vibrant colours," agrees Xavier. As with many colour trends, it's best to get this done in a salon, and to fork out the expenses to ensure it's all done by the book. The colour pop root trend in particular could end in disaster if attempted at home, due to its specific placement and use of very vibrant shades.

As well as having the look done at salons such as Josh Wood, who specialise in colour, certain other places are coming up with specific services to achieve Billie-worthy locks. These include John Frieda, whose colour maven Nicola Clarke has just introduced her very own 'root pop' service in-salon.

The service aims to celebrate roots rather than fear them, which those who have their hair coloured have become so accustomed to doing.

“Striking pops of colour are a trend that is just set to grow,” explains Clarke. “Together with my colour team we have pioneered the root pop which offers colour that makes a feature of roots rather than trying to hide them. On naturally darker hair the stronger colours such as orange look good and purple looks really striking on blonde hair and every colour in-between can work.”

John Frieda

It's a fairly straight forward process to get this look in salon. The colour team first identify which colour would work best for your skin tone and natural hair colour, as well as your lifestyle. They then bleach the root and add the chosen colour to this area, leaving the mids and ends alone.

And if you're worried about any damage this could do to your hair, Maxine Cooke, creative stylist and manager at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda Salons, explains that, "there are the usual risks that come with bleach, but as long as you are having the service professionally and looking after your hair with... you should be fine!"

While you may want to opt for a super striking colour like orange of neon green, you can also get this done with a pastel hue, such as pink, lavender, or blue.

"This can be as strong or as subtle as you want, although the stronger the better in my opinion! It looks really great on straight hair but equally as cool on curly," explains Cooke.