How To Draw With Emojis On Snapchat

by Nia Decaille

It's finally here! A time where we can use Snapchat to share all of our favorite moments without having to type a word. It's a social media-loving generation's dream. Now, when you pop open your Snapchat app to capture a funny moment, epic fail or new adventures, you can add a stroke of creativity to every snap — by learning how to draw with emojis in Snapchat and expressing your feelings more boldly and colorfully than ever before.

With today's new updates come several awesome features. For instance, you can enjoy watching a friend's snaps without them disappearing, because now you can make your snaps available for however long you want using the Limitless Snaps feature. Better yet, Snapchat's new Looping Videos can make you #limitless by allowing your friends, bae, or whoever is watching replay your snaps over and over again.

But by far the most fun of the new features is that you can add a flame or silly smile when you learn how to draw with emojis in Snapchat instead of typing out just how #lit your last video was. Hallelujah! An, if you snap a dope selfie but you want to clean it up a little, you can always try the new Magic Eraser — a tool that lets you remove things from photos and replace it with something else — before sending it to your crush on the DL.

So here's the inside scoop on how to #bless your next snap with a little something extra using the emoji brush:

1. Treat yo' self to an update.

Nia Decaille

I'm sure you knew this already, but nothing is more disappointing than hearing about all the cool stuff you can't try. Make sure that you go to the Apple Store or Google Play to look for the current version; the most current version is

2. Snap something cool.


Point, aim and snap. Notice how now all of the editing features can now be seen vertically on the right hand side of the screen. Thank god for user-friendly editing!

3. Select the editing tool.

Once you've captured a video or photo, select the pencil icon on the upper right to start editing.

3. Find the emoji brush.

Navigate on over to the little heart icon, and you'll find a bunch of your favorite emojis to choose from.

At this point, there's no more procrastinating! It's time to figure out just what are you going to say with your newfound freedom.

4. To "draw," use your finger by touching and dragging.

There's nothing new here. Drag your finger over the screen, and voilà! You have successfully taken your snap up a notch. Pretty cool, right?

But you don't have to thank me for helping your Snapchat game! Snapchat has not only introduced new ways to share your story, but there's never a dull moment with the right emoji.