How To Get A Free Tarte Unicorn Headband To Make Your Whimsical Dreams Come True

It's not every day that a beauty brand debuts an entire collection dedicated to make believe and unicorns, but Tarte always comes through with the adorable themes. Now, in honor of their Make Believe In Yourself collection, you can get a free Tarte unicorn headband. From rainforest themes to workout specific makeup, the brand has it all, but their latest collection may just be their most exciting yet. After all, who doesn't want to be a unicorn for a day, right?

Earlier this month, Tarte revealed their new Make Believe In Yourself collection, and the whimsical set of products is nothing short of magical. From unicorn horn shaped makeup brushes to shimmering pastel eyeshadows and highlighters, the brand outdid themselves, and they're helping fans celebrate purchasing the latest addition to the Tarte family with an adorable unicorn headband. The best news? It's free!

On March 22, with any online purchase, domestic customers will be given an adorable unicorn headband complete with flowers when they make any online purchase. If you're an international customer, you can add the headband for only $1.

The headband is the perfect way to embrace your inner unicorn while you apply your makeup. After all, you've got to keep your hair out of your face somehow, right?

The adorable unicorn headband also perfectly matches the collection.

From the holographic packaging of the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara to the vibrant bristles of the unicorn horn blushes, the headband is the perfect accessory.

The whole collection is too good to miss, honestly.

If you want to snag Tarte's unicorn headband, head over to the website and make a purchase. It's that simple, and you can make your whimsical makeup dreams come true.