When Are Tarte's Colorful Makeup Brushes Coming Out? This Sneak Peek Will Give You All The Fantasy Feels — PHOTO

Makeup junkies have barely had enough time to properly assess, sift through, and process all of the amazing holiday offerings from brands, both big and small, when Tarte goes and does this. Tarte teased its white-handle, fantasy-inspired makeup brushes and they are phenomenal, based on looks alone. These brushes will give you all of the fantasy feels. With long, tapered handles that mimic stilettos, gold detailing, and densely-packed, pink, purple, and blue bristles, these are like makeup magic wands. The handles look like weapons, but I bet they are super ergonomic and fit flawlessly in your grip. When are the Tarte magical makeup brushes coming out?

Well, you better practice patience, because they won't arrive until 2017, per the brand's Instagram post. Tarte didn't even indicate if these brushes will be available in early 2017, mid 2017, or late 2017. I am hoping it'll be early in the year and not just because I covet them! Those white handles have such a majestic, wintry vibe. Plus, Tarte's tease is strategic. The brand wants to build hype but not too far in advance.

While I love a basic black makeup brush with black bristles and handles, these are just… so pretty. They will also inject a little fun and fairy dust into your morning routine. Don't these look like the makeup brushes Tinker Bell would use?

These brushes give off serious magic x fantasy x unicorn vibes.

If you are anything like me and are impatient AF, and want these brushes now, you can recalibrate and focus your energies on Tarte's brush collab with blogger Nicol Concilio. Those gold-dipped wands are in stores now. You can look and shop!

What golden goodness. If you are on the hunt for new brushes now, these fit the bill.

Or you can continue to stare at this these magical tools and admire their shape, construction, and look. We won't know how well they perform until they are in our hands and applying product to our faces. But they look like they mean biz and will get the job done. I tend to like a makeup brush with a pointy handle, since I can get a better hold on it. Also, Tarte's products are usually primo quality. So there's that.

These brushes have a lot going for them. To quote Tom Cruise in Top Gun, it's looking good so far.

Images: Tarte Cosmetics/Instagram (2)