You Can Get Coffee & Water For Just 19 Cents At 7-Eleven Today — Here’s How


What you do you if I told you I knew how to get coffee at 7-Eleven for 19 cents on New Year’s Day 2019? Bottled water, too? Would your sleep-deprived self suddenly perk up and get moving in its quest for caffeine and hydration? I’m going to go with a “yes” on that one, because believe you me, I know that the post-party struggle is real. There are a few catches, of course (there always are) — according to a press release, the offer is only available through the 7-Eleven mobile app courtesy of the 7Rewards program — but those catches are easily navigated. 7-Eleven definitely has your back as 2019 kicks off.

The 7-Eleven app has been around for some time, but it received an overhaul in 2015 for the launch of 7Rewards. As you might have gleaned from its name, 7Rewards is 7-Eleven’s rewards program; by making purchases at the convenience store chain, the program allows you to earn points, which you can then redeem for free eats and treats (hi there, Slurpee machine). Additionally, after you buy six drinks, the seventh is free — as long as you remember to scan your 7Rewards barcode when you make your purchases, of course.

Occasionally, other special deals will be available through the program, too — like today’s coffee and water offerings. Starting at 12:01 a.m. and running through 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 1, 2019, users of the app and rewards program can bring coupons accessible within the app to participating 7-Eleven stores and get either a medium cup of fresh-brewed coffee or a one-liter bottle of 7-Select Pure water for a mere 19 cents. Why 19 cents? Because it’s now 2019, my friends. The coffee is pretty self-explanatory, but for the curious, 7-Select Pure Water is “enhanced with additional minerals and electrolytes,” according to a press release — that is, it's essentially 7-Eleven’s take on Smartwater.

Happily, the process of both getting the app and signing up for 7Rewards is super streamlined: When you do one, the other gets accomplished automatically. Here’s what to do to get the app, join 7Rewards, and get yourself some cheap coffee today:


Navigate To Your Device’s App Store And Download The 7-Eleven App

Screenshot/iTunes App Store

I’m an iPhone user, so, my fellow iOS people, you can get the app as seen here: Open up the iTunes App Store on your device, search for something involving 7-Eleven (it was the second hit for me when I searched for “7-11 app”), and tap the “Get” button for the "7-Eleven, Inc." app. Android folks, it’s much the same for you — just search the Google Play store and install the app the same way you would any other program.


Open The App And Select Your Most Relevant Option

Screenshots/7-Eleven App

This is where you’ll get your 7Rewards account set up, if you don’t have one already. If you like to run all your accounts through Facebook, tap “Login with Facebook” and follow the prompts on the screen; or, if you’d rather set it up with email, select “Register” and enter your name, email, birthday, phone number, and zip code on the next page. You’ll also need to choose a password. (If you already have an account, though, just select “Sign In.”)


Verify Your Phone Number

Screenshot/7-Eleven App

The final step involves entering a six-digit PIN, which will be texted to the phone number you entered on the registration screen. Easy peasy.


Find The 19-Cent Coffee And Water Coupons

Screenshots/7-Eleven App

Once you’re in the app, navigate to “Deals” at the bottom of the screen; then tap “Coupons.” The 19-cent deal coupons should be at the top of the page.


Go To 7-Eleven And Enjoy Your Cheap Drinks

Find your nearest store here. Oh, also, the 19-cent coffee does count towards the “buy six, get the seventh free” drink offer, and both the coffee and the water earn 7Rewards points. You’re welcome.

Now get out there and show 2019 who’s boss.