This Is How To Get Context Cards On Snapchat

by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

Get excited, Snapchat users. The app is launching a new feature called Context Cards, which will transform Snapchat from a simple social media platform to an all-in-one search engine for your weekends' activities, and that you're going to want to know how to get them, stat. Context Cards are accessible by swiping up on Snaps that say “More” at the bottom, and will provide users with relevant customer reviews, hotel reservation options, ride-sharing services, contact information, and directions. Not to mention, Context Cards will also show you Snaps relevant to your location if you need more inspo for your Friday night plans, or if you want to explore the places a new city has to offer while on vacation. Specifically, Snaps that have venue-themed geofilters, and Snaps that are included in the public “Our Story” feature or Snap Map will have accompanying Context Cards with more information. Snapchat’s Context Cards feature removes the need for opening and closing multiple apps, like Google or Yelp, making the process of going out easy and interactive.

According to Snapchat, they partnered with companies like Tripadvisor, Foursquare, Uber, Lyft, goop, and more to create Context Cards. Nicole Brown, the Senior Director of Partnerships for TripAdvisor, said of the partnership, “We are excited to partner with Snapchat to show consumers around the world how TripAdvisor provides travelers with the latest reviews — more than 535 million worldwide — and the lowest prices to discover the best places to stay, eat and play while at home or on the go.” Additionally, the social media app has partnered with OpenTable, Resy, and Booktable to provide users with restaurant reviews, as well as the option to reserve a table right on Snapchat. Since millennials are unarguably the “foodie” generation and love to travel, Snapchat’s Context Cards are perfect for its users.

If you’re excited about this new feature, I have some good news for you: Context Cards were launched today, and you can get them as soon as you see a Context Card enabled Snap. However, Context Cards will only be available to iOS and Android users in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. However, Snapchat plans to expand Context Cards, add more partners, and improve the feature once they have a better understanding on how the Snap community is using the tool. The “swipe up for more” option for Context Cards should just start to appear on Snaps if you are in one of those five countries, but if not, you may need to take a couple steps to access the tool.

If you aren't seeing Context Cards, the first step is making sure your iPhone runs a compatible version of iOS (or, for Android users, making sure you have the most up-to-date operating system) to support the new Snapchat feature. If you’re on an iPhone and have not updated your iOS recently, you may need to go to your settings app, click on “General,” and check under “Software Update” to see if you’re in need of a newer setting. Once you have your software updated, you may also need to visit the App Store to ensure you have the most recent downloadable version of Snapchat. Most people set their phone up to automatically update apps, but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

If you’re operating system as well as Snapchat app are both up-to-date and Context Cards are still not showing up, you may need to ensure your phone has location services enabled. Snaps with geofilters will contain the Context Cards, so if you do not have the service turned on, the brand-new feature will not appear. To turn on location and geofilters, simply visit your phone’s settings, click on the Snapchat icon, and make sure location services are swiped on. Also, visit the actual Snapchat app, and enable location under “Permissions.” And voila! If you take all of these necessary steps, Context Cards' "swipe up for more" option should start appearing in no time.

Snapchat's brand-new Context Cards feature is super useful, simple to use, and cool AF, so get it up and running as soon as you can.