Here’s Where You Can Get Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Today

With all the national holidays dedicated to beloved foods, you could feel like the calendar is a little oversaturated. But May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day and it feels a lot like Christmas. To celebrate the occasion, you can find out how to get free chocolate chip cookies and other deals for National Chocolate Chip Day. Because sometimes the world is a beautiful place where dessert is celebrated and chocolate chip cookies — the usual vessel for these celebrated chocolate clips — are free.

There's so much to love about the sugary treat. For starters, recipes are varied and versatile to accommodate unique preferences. Your bite can be chewy or crispy. Your chocolate chips can be chunks. You can have salted butter, unsalted butter or browned butter for a nuttier essence. However you prefer to bite into the sugary delight, your heart will be warmed and your cravings will be satiated. If you had a hard day, relaxing back into your favorite chair with a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies on your lap can quickly escalate your mood.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but, because chocolate chips are the beacon of light in our world, we have been gifted a day to collect them for free, or at least at a reduced price, from some participating companies who understand the joy the simple yet complex treat delivers to our daily lives. The giant glass of milk may not be included but you still won't want to miss these deals.


We're all skilled at downloading apps at this point, right? That's all you need to do to earn yourself a free two pack of chocolate chunk cookies at 7-Eleven. When you download the 7-Eleven app you will be rewarded 800 7Rewards points which you can use immediately to dig into those chocolate chunk cookies. It's a good day to download an app.

Nestlé Toll House Café

This deal isn't free but it's still a ~deal~. We're talking about Nestle Toll House's legendary cookie. I mean, when you're whipping up a batch or five of chocolate chip cookies for yourself you're probably using Nestle Toll House's recipe, right? Well, head to the cafe today and purchase 5 warm chocolate chip cookies for $5.15.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Get yourself back on the App Store grind. Download the Potbelly Sandwich Shop app and claim a ~free~ (it's a beautiful word, isn't it?) chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are the best oatmeal cookies, for the record.

Chuck E. Cheese

Hey, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day can live on a little bit longer at Chuck E. Cheese. With the purchase of a large pizza until May 27, you'll get a free dessert. Which includes a warm chocolate chip cookie.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

All BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse locations will be ~treated~ to a ~sweet~ deal. For $3 you'll get a big cookie and ice cream treat, usually valued at $6.95.


This deal is only available for the lucky people who live near the Pasadena and Culver City locations of Coolhaus. Make a sandwich out of chocolate chip cookies at either of these locations and get 10% off of your order. Sounds delectable to me! Embrace your inner cookie monster.

DoubleTree by Hilton

Talk about year round commitment to chocolate chip cookies, DoubleTree by Hilton provides their guests with a ~warm welcome~ and by that I mean, a warm chocolate chip cookie — no matter what day it is. DoubleTree churns out these sweet, gooey treats and has reported to use over 1 billion chocolate chips a year to make sure each cookie that welcomes guests are plump with the goods. When it's chocolate chip cookie day everyday, that's dedication to a craft, friends.