How To Get Free Shipping On ColourPop's V-Day Line

by Kali Borovic

Move over Kylie Cosmetics, because there's another best selling Valentine's Day Collection in town. In case you missed it, ColourPop launched their V-Day Collection early, which completely caught fans off-guard. That's not the only surprise that they have for their customers either. The brand is having free shipping on their new love-inspired line. How do you get free shipping on ColourPop's V-Day Collection, you ask? Here's everything you need to know, so you can shop as smart as possible.

It's not every day that a brand launches their collections almost half a day early, but this is no typical makeup company. ColourPop is always surprising their fans with something new, and this time it's with free shipping too. Not long after the brand made their Snapchat announcement about the line's updated launch time, they posted the second half of the surprise on Instagram.

According to the Instagram post, to get free ColourPop shipping, all you have to do is spend $15 on the Valentine's Day Collection and use the code FREEDOMESTIC at checkout. It's that easy! There is one catch though. As the code suggests, this is only for domestic shipping. That means that you can only get it if you're in the United States.

The deal started when the collection launched on Feb. 6 and will continue while supplies last. Even though this code only works on the V-Day collection, you'll still be able to use it if you buy other products as well. Seeing as there are tons of new products, this is the perfect time to stock up on them all.

As of Feb. 7 at noon ET, only two of the 20 items are currently sold out. While the gorgeous bright metallic red Fooling Around pigment and Apple Of My Eye Pressed Powder Eye Duo are no longer up for grabs, there's still all of the lippies and even the pearlized, multi-colored Tough Love Highlighter.

According to ColourPop's Snapchat, the sold-out items will be restocked, but the free shipping might not be around when it is. That means you should probably head over there now and stock up.