How To Get Instagram Galleries On Your App

Ah, the age old struggle: to double post in one day, or not to double post in one day? Now thanks to the new update that added a gallery-like Instagram feature to the mix, you will never have to endure this existential struggle again. By now you've probably started to see these galleries in your feed, and may be wondering how to get Instagram galleries yourself. The good news is, you're definitely getting them! This isn't one of those features only the high-falutin' 'grammers are going to get. The other good news is that you're getting them soon. The rollout starts on February 21, and like all the updates, users should be getting them in waves through the next day or so.

This update is yet another departure for the photo-sharing app, which launched Instagram Stories in 2016, the first instance of the app capitalizing on multiple image media rather than just one video or one photo at a time. Using the galleries feature is somewhat similar to using stories, except that users will upload them the same way they upload regular content, and will be limited to ten images or videos per gallery — plus, the galleries will be static.

You'll know when you've gotten the update when you go to upload content and it lets you select more than one photo to post. Any posts that have more than one piece of content in them, be it image or video, will automatically transform itself into a gallery, where users can select a filter to use on all the photos, or individually filter them. If you're seeing it on other people's feeds first and want to get the update, here are a few ways to speed the process along.

Update The App

Go to your phone's App Store and check for recent updates. If you don't have your phone set to automatically update the app, you may have to update it manually, at which point you should be using the latest version.

Uninstall And Reinstall Instagram To Your Phone

It may seem drastic, but really, it takes about a minute, and your account isn't going anywhere. Every now and then this little trick works to motivate your app to update faster, but it's not foolproof, either.

Play The Waiting Game

Sometimes it takes a few days for rollouts to finish, but never fear, fellow 'grammers! The update will most certainly get to you soon. In the meantime, you can start strategizing your first ever gallery post — or, if you're really willing to #commit, throw a party for the sole purpose of just that. I'll be waiting on that text invite, yo.