The First Ever National Period Day Is Coming Up — Here's How You Can Get Involved

Find a National Period Day rally near you on October 19.

Find your red pen and get ready to add another circle to the calendar this month, because the first ever National Period Day is on Oct. 19. If you want to help raise awareness about period poverty and eliminate the "tampon tax" once and for all, getting involved in National Period Day rallies is a great place to start. And since they're happening around the country, it shouldn't be hard to find one near you.

PERIOD, a movement that aims to reduce period stigma and make period products more accessible, teamed up with the Menstrual Movement Coalition, a group of companies and organizations with a similar goal, to make this national day possible. According to, the menstrual equality movement is asking for two things in particular: freely accessible period products in schools, shelters, and prisons, and an end to the tampon tax that still exists in 35 states — because it's about time the government recognizes menstrual products as essential.

Fired up about the Reuters Health survey that suggests two-thirds of low income women can't afford period products? Mad as hell that women (outside of Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and California) have to pay tax on period products because they're not recognized as medical supplies? Infuriated that even in the year 2019, we have to defend the fact that period products are not luxury items, but necessities? Great, same. Here's how to find a rally where you can express yourself on National Period Day:

Find A Rally Near You

Here, you'll find more information on National Period Day, and a list of every state that's hosting an official Period Day rally. Click on the state that you live in and follow the link to a Facebook event page with all the details you need for the rally. While event times vary from state to state, all rallies are free and hosted in large public spaces.


Let the rally organizers know that you're interested in attending by clicking "going" or "interested" in the Facebook event page for your city. Though it's not mandatory, it helps the organizers know what to expect and how to best prepared. This also gives you an opportunity to let your friends and followers know that you're attending, connect with new friends, and maybe even set up a carpool situation.

Bring Posters, Wear Red

Anyone can attend the Period Inc rallies — the more the merrier. Bring posters with you that echo your beliefs and wear red to stand out. To make a sign from scratch, grab a piece of recycled paper or cardboard from your own recycling bin and hand print your message. Slogans to consider: it's *our* period, periods are not a luxury, don't discriminate against those who menstruate, it's about bloody time, we are not ovary-acting, free periods, axe the pink tax, and end period poverty

Rally Online

If there isn't a rally near you, or you'd rather rally from the comfort of your own home, use #NATIONALPERIODDAY and#PERIODPOWER and start your own rally online. Sharing menstrual equality-themed posts and messages on social media can help spread awareness and education in a powerful way. Don't miss this opportunity to use your voice for change.

Sign A Petition

Sign this petition to help make sure girls in school have access to free period products. Once you've signed your name, share the petition with your friends and followers on social media and use National Period Day to inspire as many signatures as you can.

If you want to go one step further and wear pro-period merchandise to the rallies — or any day — you can check out PERIOD's shirts, mugs, and bags here. Because nothing gets a conversation going like a tote bag that says "PERIOD" in bold font, and more importantly, a period supplies pack is donated to a person in need for each item purchased.