How To Get Snapchat's New Filters Update So You Can Take Even Better Selfies With Your Pets

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Snapchat is known for their entertaining filters that magically make selfies flawless and give you the body of a dancing turkey (which you probably didn't ask for, but will certainly take advantage of). And now, the app has launched even more filter features that will make otherwise mundane pictures a little bit more interesting. Snapchat's new object recognition filters will give your photos a more personal touch, and let's be honest: they're just fun to play around with. So, how can you get Snapchat's object recognition filters? This may have been a quiet update, but luckily, it's super simple to get them for yourself.

Before you go through the steps, though, don't you want to know a little bit more about what they actually are? The object recognition filters are made with smart technology that allows the app to recognize what's in your photos and then suggest relevant borders and stickers to use with them. It's similar to the technology that allows Facebook to recognize specific faces for tagging purposes, but this takes it a step further. These new filters will recognize objects like food, pets, sports, and specific locations, like beaches or concerts.

Once the app recognizes the object, it offers up cute filters that include borders or stickers. Even more fun? They aren't all the same exact thing. Your sticker for food might be totally different than the one your friend gets. Sometimes, the stickers are more personal because they include your name. It's a little bit creepy, to be honest, but it's also a lot of fun to play around with. So, let's get to it and learn how to take our snaps to the next level. Here's how to get Snapchat's new filters:

Go To The App Store

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Get your update started by clicking into the App Store. And yes, you should still click on it even if it doesn't have a little number notification indicating updates aren't available — sometimes, if the App Store hasn't been open for a while it doesn't update that on its own. If it's not showing up at all, try restarting your phone and opening the App Store when it turns back on.

Update The App

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Once you're in the App Store app, look for the Update tab on the bottom right of the screen and tap on it. If updates are available, look for the Snapchat icon, and click the "Update" button. Now sit back and relax those fingers while the phone works magic for a few moments. As it's updating, the app icon will have a "Loading" circle over it — that's how you know it's working.

Reopen The App

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While the app is updating, your phone will automatically exit Snapchat. You'll know the update is completed when you look at the Snapchat icon and it looks normal. Click on the app to open it back up and get ready to take all of the photos.

Snap A Photo To Test It Out

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All done? This is the fun part: start taking pictures to test it out. Snap a photo of your cat, your dinner, the view from outside of your window, or a sports game.

Find The Filters

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Once the photo is done, you'll scroll through the carousel of filters as you normally would when looking to play around with your pictures. You'll first go through the normal stuff, like the black and white filter and maybe a random "day of the week" filter, and then you should get to the object recognition filter. If it correctly recognized the object, you'll see a new border or sticker that explains what you just snapped.

Now get out there and take all of the snaps your heart desires. This is the perfect excuse to spam your friends with photos of your cat or the dessert you're treating yourself with.