There's A Kat Von D Snapchat Lens Thats So Cute

Snapchat is about to get that much more amusing, thanks to a new filter. There is a Kat Von D Beauty Snapchat lens and it's adorable, including black star tattoos like the ones Kat Von D has sprinkled on the side of her face. The brand revealed that the new lens exists via an Instagram post. Here's what to know and how to get it, per the brand's comments on that same Insta post, since there was some confusion among Kat Von D-evotees and users.

The instructions are posted in the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram story. Basically, you get a code, scan it, and it lasts for an hour. So you can play with the filter for an hour until it expires.

But you don't simply get one hour and then — POOF!!! — it's gone for good! You can keep scanning the code and using the Kat Von D lens as often as you wish. It might seem like a hassle to have to keep scanning a code. But it's so cute that it's worth the effort, especially if you want to post some pics with faux face tattoos.

According KVD Beauty's replies in Insta comments, this lens will be available to use for the next two months. Let the KVD-inspired Snaps flood your Snapchat story and your socials.

OMG, right?

Jack Taylor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can be cute like Kat!

Isn't it amazing? Yes! Yes! Yes!

This lens can be such a fun and lovely distraction during your day.

Want to play with it?

Follow those instructions right away, since Insta stories don't last!

KVDB responded to users who were experiencing some confusion and difficulty.

There you have it — it lasts for an hour. When the hour expires, rescan it and use again to your heart's content.

And here is the comment confirming that this lens will have a two-month availability period. Go to the KVD Beauty Insta story for more info and then grab the filter and the code.

Image: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (4)