How To Get Tickets For Take That's 2019 Greatest Hits Tour Because They're Back For Good

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Even if you've never been to a Take That show, chances are you've heard how outrageous they are. Take that (pun absolutely intended) circus tour they did back in 2009, where the boys dressed up as clowns and had mechanised elephants were roaming around the stadiums. That should give you some insight into what to expect from the boys' next tour. And although they're two men down, the group's spectacular showmanship still make them one of the most essential live acts. So, to make sure you don't miss out, here's how to get tickets for Take That's 2019 tour.

Take That are celebrating three decades of making inescapably catchy songs with a blowout Greatest Hits tour. Now a three piece, Gary Barlow was joined by Mark Owen and Howard Donald when he announced the news to Hits Radio on July 16.

"We have a Greatest Hits coming out, we have a few new songs and next year we’re doing a Greatest Hits tour," Barlow told host Sarah Jane Crawford. Owen added: "It’s 30 years this year! We’re making a record, we’re always celebrating, we’ve been celebrating for 30 years!” As OK! reported, Take That's next album will be called Odyssey, and it'll make an excellent addition to your tour ticket.

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You'll have plenty of opportunities to see the boys, as they've generously filled up the 2019 calendar with tour dates. It's a huge 28-date tour, as Stubhub reported, which will see the band perform in cities across the UK includingLondon, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, and many others.

Oh, and BTW, prepare to be rickrolled up close, as 'Never Gonna Give You Up' singer Rick Astley will be joining the boys as a very special support act. It was suspected that Take That would be embarking on this Greatest Hits tour ever since 2017, when the band took on a Twitter Q&A. In response to the question "are Take That going on tour?", Barlow replied: "Yes 2019 xx."

And now, finally, tickets are about to go on sale. Set multiple alarm clocks, as they'll be yours to get from 9.30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 29, and can be grabbed from You won't have to wait too long between the ticket and the tour, as the band will be kicking off their epic stadium and arena run on Monday, April 15, as the Express reported. It's also worth bearing in mind that tickets can be secured before anyone else gets their hands on them, with the purchase of the band's new album Odyssey. You can pre order the record anytime before its release on Friday, Sept. 25, and receive a pre-sale code for early ticket access, according to Take That's official website.

It's a good incentive to ensure that the OG fans won't have to worry about missing out. And like the tour itself, the album will feature reworks of classic Take That songs, according to the Ticket Master blog. So, prepare to have your fire relit, as 2019 will be another golden year for Take That.