These Are All Your Chances To See Westlife Live On Tour In 2020

Jo Hale/Redferns/Getty Images

The boybands that filled your adolescence with catchy tunes, posters that ruined walls with blue tack, and of course crushes, stay with you for ever. When I think of screaming fans and actual bras being thrown on stage (I've witnessed both with at one of their concerts), I think of Westlife and guess what: the boys are back on tour. So let's find out how to get tickets for Westlife's 2020 stadium tour because you guys, it's on.

Tickets go on sale on Friday Nov 8 on Live Nation at 9a.m. The UK tour starts on June 19 and runs all the way until Aug 22. There are 14 dates across the country so you've absolutely no excuse not to get yourself a ticket and get out on the road. The guys are literally trawling the country, ready to bust out tunes and dodge bras.

The tour, titled the Stadiums In The Summer will see them performing in some pretty lit outdoor venues so, you guys, best pray for sunshine this summer time. Otherwise you'll be soaked not only by hysterical tears, but the UK's signature weather. And we all know what that's like, so best bring a raincoat really.

The boys spoke about the upcoming tour, sharing their excitement about the whole situation. "We're looking forward to next summer when we'll be playing so many fantastic outdoor venues across the UK. The Stadiums in the Summer Tour will see us reach more fans than ever before. The shows will be incredible and will include all of our hits and some surprises. We cannot wait to get back out on the road," they said in a statement

Of course they'll be busting out all of the classic. They'll be flying without wings, belting out tunes about women who live up town and, of course, standing up at every key change. And that's just the fans.

As with all bands, having a bit of an autumnal career bloom, they'll be sliding a load of their (perhaps lesser known but altogether very fun) new tunes in as well. And with songwriters including Ed Sheeran collaborating with them, you'll be hard pressed to not feel the rhythm in your soul. Or at least in your vocal chords as you screech, "You raaaaaaise me uuuuuup."