How To Get Walmart’s Same-Day Grocery Delivery For Free In March 2018

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's a world of convenience, my friend, and we're just living in it. How quickly can you make it to your long-distance BFF's side when you're in need of some good old-fashioned quality time? Hours, if you can get to a travel booking site and open up your wallet for a last-minute ticket. How fast can you get a dress for a weekend event that's been slammed on to your calendar? Within 24 hours online, if you spring for next-day shipping. And how speedily can groceries get to your doorstep? Thanks to a host of grocery delivery platforms, the answer is really speedily.. like, end of the day speedily. And now, Walmart has joined the ranks of companies offering same-day grocery delivery platforms — and even better, they're offering free delivery to celebrate. Here's how to get free same-day grocery delivery service from Walmart: That's right — it will be both fast and free.

According to a Mar. 14 article in Business Insider, the big box store will roll out same-day grocery delivery for its customers over the course of 2018. By the end of the year, the service will be available to more than 800 stores in 100 metro areas throughout the U.S. While it will take several months for this new development to be fully realized, Walmart says that it will eventually be able to reach 40 percent of American households, making it a lot easier for nearly half of families across the U.S. of A to get their Oreos and toilet paper and loaves of bread on short notice and with minimal effort. Like I said — convenience is king!

Most of the time, per Business Insider, Walmart will charge a $9.95 for delivery on all grocery orders (of at least $30), but there's a super tempting introductory offer that will allow customers to try the service for the first time for absolutely nothing. Score! Grabbing that free trial is as easy as using the promo code FRESHCAR on your first order. To find out if the service is up and running in your city yet, you can check out Walmart's grocery site, which is also a great place to start the ordering process.

Alternatively, delivery orders can be processed (with the FRESHCAR promo code for first-timers) through the Walmart app. Because, obviously. If you can't do something on an app, is it even worth doing? Arguably yes, but it's way more fun if you can do it from an app.

I, for one, am pretty excited about this new development, and I only wish that I could tell you right here and now that it's going to be accessible to you, well, right here and right now. Walmart's months-long rollout strategy forces all of us to take a beat before we get our hands on yet another glorious convenience (and at no cost!), but haven't we always been told that the best things are worth waiting for? I'm still not totally convinced that this is true (it sort of always seemed like something my Mom told me to get me to stop crying for various reasons), but it makes the whole delayed gratification thing a little easier.

Whether Walmart's new same-day grocery delivery service has been rolled out in your area already or is still a few months away, I think it's time that we all start making our grocery lists. What do you absolutely have to have in your cabinets but hate going to the store to buy? The kitchen staples are important, of course — eggs, milk, bread, cheese — but I think it's best that we don't discount a few fun extras while we're at it. Personally, I'm thrilled by the prospect of living in a reality where I can have jumbo marshmallows delivered to my door the same day I order them. The future is here.