This Is How To Grow Out A Fringe In Style, Because I Learned The Hard Way

by Lauren Sharkey
Image Supply Co/Stocksy

Growing out bangs is harder than it seems. It will never sit the way you want it to (especially when you've got curly hair) and will probably look a right mess for a couple of months if you don't find some way to hold it down. If you're wondering how to grow out a fringe, hair clips and bands are here to help. The accessories have been all over the catwalk this season and I for one am feeling very thankful.

My fringe story goes a bit like this. A few months ago, I decided to get full bangs for the first time since my primary school days. The thing about fringes is that they grow pretty quickly, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask my boyfriend to trim it one day. Of course, he royally messed it up and I was left with a style that finished halfway up my forehead.

I had no choice but to let the thing grow but now, I've decided to just go the whole way and ditch the fringe for good. As it started off so short, the first few weeks have been hell. Unfortunately, I appear to have been camera-shy this year so don't have many photos of my original full fringe. But here's a slightly windswept one with a dog:

Lauren Sharkey

Fortunately for me, I don't have any evidence of the monstrosity that my partner created but here's where my fringe is at right now:

Lauren Sharkey

As I rarely straighten my hair, I'm crying with joy at the fact that my fringe is now long enough to sit nicely without random curls sticking up left, right, and centre.

The road to getting here, however, would have been a lot easier if I had bought a number of hair accessories instead of suffering it out the hard way. My fringe still has its bad days, but here's a few of the pieces I've recently purchased that should help to tame the beast. If you're trying to awkwardly grow out a fringe like me, I hope this helps.


There you have it. A guide to living your best life when your fringe really really doesn't want to.